Figure 1: Mr. Riak Mach giving a speech at

Why Electing Riak Mach as the President of BCNAC Could be an Investment?

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Figure 1: Mr. Riak Mach giving a speech at
Figure 1: Mr. Riak Mach giving a speech at
WUSC Fundraising

Bor community in Canada is organizing a National Conference for July 1 – 2, 2016 to be held in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. During the two days’ conference, the community plans to remodel and launch a national association dubbed – Bor Community National Association in Canada (BCNAC).
It is hoped that the re-energized organization shall foster unity and cooperation amongst our membership in Canada, hence enabling members to generate resources and come up with ideas for building and defending our homeland in South Sudan.
This is where Daniel Riak Mach Riak comes in to be the custodian of this community leadership and bring the much needed unity and community solidarity. In as much as it is a great move to re-organize our community and perhaps create a working association, it is imperative to point out that an attempt have been made few years ago to initiate this community association but it fails due to lack of direction, lack of inclusivity and lack of unity amongst other reasons. We in the Bor Action Team will not accept another failure to a community that is dear to our heart. We have come up with modalities to avoid such failures happening again.
Riak Mach leadership has already design progressive programs to engage the community. A leadership that has action plans to unite our people, to identify resources within Canada that can benefit our people, to promote Jieng Bor culture and language across Canada, to mentor our youths in a wide range of careers by matching them with Bor professionals who are experts in their fields of interest.
Riak Mach being a scholar and city engineer knows this programs will greatly benefit our Bor youth. We will stand with our people during kol e riak ku kol e loi and we will pledge our support and collaborate with other Bor Associations worldwide to solve pressing problems in the motherland.
Riak Mach is a result a trustworthy and result-oriented leader. He has a proven leadership record as former Deputy headmaster of Polataka Primary school that topped the camp in Kenya certificate of primary education (KCPE) for three consecutive years 2006-2008. He was one of successful group leaders in Kakuma and it will be unfair to not mention that he is a God-fearing individual who have shown strong leadership in church while he was in Kakuma and here in Winnipeg Emmanuel Dinka Services.
He has our community at heart. He is the founder of Jieng Story and the South Sudanese Cultural Challenges that went viral and brought all South Sudanese community together in participation from all spectrum. Riak Mach has the will and the energy to deliver the much needed results to Bor Community in Canada and in the motherland. Figure 1: Mr. Riak Mach giving a speech at WUSC Fundraising Event at the University of Manitoba, 2012 These and many more are the reasons we are launching BOR ACTION TEAM – CANADA and announcing Daniel Riak Mach and Kur Aguto Yuang as the Presidential candidate and running mate respectively. It is time for more ACTION and less TALK. God bless Pan Bor!

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  1. I hope Dame Fire will practice the leader skills he has to the best of his ability coz he is a man with a country at heart “de zhol wothonI be Arabi el besit”… my vote for Daniel Riak Mach Riak!

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