Welcome All! Juet Community Fundraiser In Harrisburg, PA On November 26, 2016

September 27, 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

We are kindly inviting you to our first fundraising event for Kuei Island in Juet, Jalle South Sudan. The event will take place on Saturday November 26, 2016 from 9:00am-10:00pm at 40468 Fawn Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17112, USA. During this Thanksgiving weekend, we would like to give Kuei Island residents something to be thankful for! There will be lots fun activities and entertainment including traditional dance and music from one of Juet rising stars artist, Atong Wel Kang
In 2003, Juet Community in the United States decided to form a not-for-profit organization in Lancaster, PA, to bring hope and restore dignity among the few remaining survivors of the long civil war. The organization pledged to provide clean drinking water, quality education, and health services.
To this day, our mission has not changed.
Over the last 13 years, through the generosity of donors like you, we have provided many residents with clean water, health services and much better learning facilities despite the many setbacks in the country; though we have done a lot, the need is still great.
Each year, we review the impact of our organization to the people of Juet Community and their neighbors, for we want to create an enduring impact. Through this routine review, we have come to realize much of our services in Jalle are not fully utilized due to insecurity. To escape insecurity, many vulnerable children and their families go to Kuei Island. In line with our mission, we intend to extend our services to Kuei Island.
Our goal for Kuei Island is to provide a good primary education, quality health services and clean drinking water. Kuei Island is a safe haven not only for residents of Jalle, but also their neighbors, especially during civil unrests in the country. As such, we intend to increase its capacity to host and provide quality education to all those who come there to seek refuge.  Without donations from kind donors like you, however, Kuei Island will not provide a hospitable environment. Our hope is to raise $50,000 to equip Kuei Island with a good primary school, a clinic and a borehole for clean drinking water. Your generous gift will be a tremendous help in reaching our goal.
In closing remarks, we want to assure you that your gift will bring so much happiness to the disadvantaged children and their families in Kuei Island; and thus, will create a lasting impact. Together, let’s transform lives and provide hope for a better future to these few surviving victims within our reach. Thank you so much for your support!

Jacob Majur Kuany
President of Juet Community, USA
For any inquiries or regrets, please feel free to contact; Isaiah Chol Kuch Chol, Juet community Secretary at (317-701-4051 or izzykuch@gmail.com) or Jacob Majur Kuany Anyieth, Juet Community President at (617-982-8533 or anyiethyach@gmail.com)

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