Figure 1 (L-R): Bul Thuc Dut, Deng Bul Kuer, Kuer Garang Manyok, and Kuek Aleu Garang during election in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

(USA) Twi Community in the United States of America Unveils New Leadership

Figure 1 (L-R): Bul Thuc Dut, Deng Bul Kuer, Kuer Garang Manyok, and Kuek Aleu Garang during election in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Figure 1 (L-R): Bul Thuc Dut, Deng Bul Kuer, Kuer Garang Manyok, and Kuek Aleu Garang during election in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

On July 4th, 2016, the Twi Community Association in the United States held a two-fold get together – a community project fundraising and a change of leadership plebiscite. The three-day gathering was publicized and caught lots of media attention especially the social media. The two presidential candidates had waged vigorous campaigns as each commended huge following from their dear community. The two contestants were Bul Thuc Dut and Lual Bul Manyok of Virginia and Utah (states of residence), respectively. At the conclusion of this unprecedented community function, both the fundraising and the election were extolled tremendous success as the members of this community roared in jubilation of unison and togetherness. Thanks to the generous sons and daughters of Twi Community for reaching the set financial target of the fundraiser and for democratically electing their leader with utmost precise fairness, free of intimidation or bias.
The election results saw to it that Mr. Bul Thuc Dut of Virginia emerged the winner. The results of this plebiscite boasted one of the few elections held in the United States by various South Sudanese communities with absolute fairness and free of any bias whatsoever. The conceding candidate, Mr. Lual Bul Manyok gave what many people termed a “moving concession speech”. Undoubtedly, Mr. Lual Bul had given it all his best though he narrowly fell short. By the virtue of accepting and acknowledging the election outcome, many people opined that Lual Bul could be a potential contender in the future if at all he would want to run again. It is the opinion of this author that Mr. Bul Thuc and Mr. Lual Bul were both qualified sons of Twi Community whose aspiration for the top seat was to be genuinely decided by their community. In a layman term, there got to be one leader at a time – and Twi chose her leader cheerfully.
Dr. Majak D’Agoot, who was the chief guest, witnessed the entire election process and oversaw the swearing in of the Twi Community new leader, Mr. Bul Thuc Dut. Dr. Reverend Lual Arok officiated over the Biblical version of the inauguration. It was such an honorific jamboree that any Twi Community membership in the United States and beyond couldn’t have been more proud of their community. In simple tongue, this was a fundamental democratic milestone achievement. Many communities (or even nations) are yet to reach this remarkable score! By any definition, generally, it was such a blissful and delightful event.
Following the conclusion of all the festive fun and election in Kansas City, all Twi sons and daughters returned to their respective places of residences. However, for Mr. President Bul Thuc along with his two other elected colleagues – the Vice President and Secretary General – Mr. Deng Bul Kuer and Mr. Kuer Garang Manyok, respectively; it was just a dawn of yet another challenge: search for a new leadership team. Quite frankly, it is one thing to win an election but entirely another putting together a coalescing and unifying leadership team. This is especially true with a community like Twi where almost every member possesses great deal of leadership capabilities and qualities. This is the kind of dilemma that has been facing us, the three-member team, since the return from Kansas.
Cognizant of the ‘campaign slogan’ and mindful of the promises made during the campaign trails, the task and need of putting an inclusive unifying leadership couldn’t be more daunting – and definitely worth the time. On the one hand, it has indeed been over two months of gut wrenching for the three-member team trying to put relevant leadership portfolio together while it has been nearly a three-month long wait for the community on the other. Nevertheless, with thorough consultation with almost the entire community, the three leaders are more than happy to unveil the long awaited list of the new leadership team of the Twi Community Association in the United States of America. For the lack of better description, I believe these individuals were pulled from a pool of the best and great minds of the Twi Community here in the United States. I am convinced that these enthusiastic leaders are more than ready to serve and catapult their beloved community to the next level with all their abilities and capacities.
Without further due, ladies and gentlemen, here are the names (with their corresponding titles) of the leadership team of the Twi Community Association in the United States of America. It is our utmost sanguinity that Twi Community Association in the United States extends them a warm welcome and congratulates them for heartily willing to voluntary serves their community with full commitment besides their other personal commitments and responsibilities. As we all know, the success of any entity is contingent upon both the hands of the leadership and those of the members.

  1. Executive Body

    Mr. Bul Thuc Dut – President
    Mr. Deng Bul Kuer – Vice President

Executive Secretariat

Mr. Kuer Garang Manyok – Secretary General
Mr. Nul Dau Yuang – Deputy Secretary General


Mr. Kuir Dit Majuc – Treasurer
Mr. Philip Akur Dau – Deputy Treasurer

Women Affairs

Mrs. Mary Athou Acuoth – Women Affairs Representative
Mrs. Achol Bol Arok – Deputy Women Affairs Rep.


 Mr. Majok Atem Manyang – Secretary of Information
Mr. Atem Mabior Atem – Deputy Secretary of Information

Planning and Development

Mr. Kuek Aleu Garang – Chair, Planning and Development Coordinator
Ms. Kuer Mabior Nhial – Deputy Chair, Planning and Development Coordinator

Youth and Culture

Mr. Garang Kuol Garang – Secretary of Youth and Culture
Mr. Jacob Deng Acuoth – Deputy Secretary of Youth and Culture

Public Relations

Mr. Wal Garang Kuir – Secretary of Public Relations
Mr. Achien Chol Dau – Deputy Secretary of Public Relations


Mr. Gabriel Dut Atem – Press Secretary/Spokesperson
Mr. Mayak Deng Aruei – Deputy Press Secretary/Spokesperson

Information System & Web Maintenance

Mr. Barach Kuany Barach – Secretary of Information System & Web Maintenance
Mr. Deng Atem Bol – Deputy Secretary of Information System & Web Maintenance

  1. Auxiliary Advisory Body

Mr. Atem Deng Ajang – Advisor, Youth and Culture
Mrs. Nyandeng Kuir Aleu – Advisor, Gender and Women Affairs
Mr. Simon Ajak Garang – Advisor, Political Affairs
Mr. Thon Garang Ajak – Advisor, Public Affairs

  1. Board of Directors

There is also going to be a fifteen-member board of directors of the association. The membership of this body is representational based. That means each of the five payams of Twic East County brings three members. The members of this board are yet to be brought forward by their respective payams. We will unveil their names once we received them.

  1. States Representatives

The leadership of the association will also include states representatives. The number of states representatives will be determined by the number of states where majority of Twi sons and daughters live. Again, we will publish the names of the states representatives upon the completion of the due process.
In conclusion, we thank the good Lord for his guidance throughout the process of selecting the leaders of our beloved community of Twi. We also appreciate all the members of our Twi Community in the United States for their patience and for bearing with us during this long selection process. We continue to humbly ask our Almighty God for his blessing as we try to bring development and human progress in our world we live.

With kind regards,
Kuer Garang Manyok, Secretary General – Twi Community Association-USA


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