United States of America have declared war against the Republic of South Sudan.

“US approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict” Samantha Power U.S UN ambassador.

by Aideed Koryom

If the U.S have not declared war against South Sudan, what authority and powers does the U.S have as a member of the United Nation to be the only country in the security council to use that rhetoric language if it was not a war against South Sudan.

U.S main interest in taking over South Sudan.

  1. South Sudan is in the center of Africa and strategic for U.S to look East, west, North and south of African continent.
  2. Use South Sudan to re-colonize the continent of Africa through proxy wars and diseases.
  3. S plans to build the largest military base in South Sudan for the above to happen but have been denied them by President Kiir.
  4. This is a 100 years plan for the entire Africa, not just South Sudan. There will be no stability in East African countries if U.S takes over South Sudan.
  5. Once they have established the above military base, South Sudan resources belong to them free. They will explore every resource in South Sudan and extract them.
  6. They will arm all the tribes in South Sudan to fight each other or fight Dinka until South Sudan population is reduced.
  7. While South Sudan people are fighting themselves, they will also be dropping bombs on civilian in villages like in those Middle East countries where they claim to be fighting terrorist using drones while they are killing civilian in villages.
  8. They will use drones and attack helicopters to kill civilian in villages in the name of protecting civilian.

Who own the United Nations other then United States?

If U.S can approve UN use of force alone in the Security Council, then UN belong to them since they are the one that establish and fund the UN activities around the globe. South Sudan should suspend their membership to the UN indefinitely and order all UN and UN agencies out of South Sudan.
UN secretary general is a US UN puppet and does what the US UN ambassador tell him/her to do. He has no powers.
What authority does Ban Ki Moon has to order use of offensive weapons in South Sudan if it wasn’t Samantha Power giving those orders.

These are the weapons to be use against the people of South Sudan.

Peacekeepers.png1Military armored vehicles are now manufactured in the US for the UN and they are heading to South Sudan and other part of Africa not for peace keeping but to re-colonize the continent through proxy wars in the name of peacekeeping mission.

UN Chief Ban Ki Moon has ordered for assault weapons into South Sudan

The United Nation’s Secretary General, Ban K-moon has ordered for the immediate arming of the world body’s peacekeepers in South Sudan with offensive weapons.

Peacekeepers.png2When did the White people ever care about the African/black people lives other than looting African resources and slaving them?

  • White people colonize Africa and took Africans to be their slaves.
  • They took African resources and are still doing it.
  • They have brought too many wars to Africans that are not ending.
  • Diseases are created to eliminate African people on the planet. (HIV, Ebola, zika virus). There are no viruses that exist on our earth, but viruses are created in labs with antivirus. If white people have love and sympathy for other race especially Africans, why create these viruses?
  • US is a nation where the very White people government is butchering black people on the street daily. Where is the UN to protect those black civilians and order peacekeeping mission to protect black people.

With this massive evacuation of foreigners in South Sudan while things have calm down tells US invasion is eminent. They undermine the authority of SPLA because they see SPLA as a strong future force in Africa. SPLA just lack discipline and leadership and they want to bring the SPLA down for good.

My advise to President Kiir is to Stand your ground as you said clearly that no single foreign soldier will enter South Sudan.

  • Do not allow any UN equipment into South Sudan. (Armored vehicles nor attack helicopters) STAND YOUR GROUND.
  • South Sudan is a Sovereign State and no Sovereign state has the authority to challenge other sovereign state or undermine the authority of another Sovereign state.
  • If you cannot stand your ground, it is better you step aside and let someone take over.
  • President, once you give in to foreign troops, future of South Sudan and Africa in general is over.

South Sudan will be like Somalia ONLY if invaded by foreign troops otherwise South Sudan still have a future if no foreign interference in its internal affairs.



Aideed Koryom

43 thoughts on “United States of America have declared war against the Republic of South Sudan.

  1. A schizophrenic always talks like that. How can you blame who raised you up to get married to immortal wife which u chose to self-managed.

  2. A schizophrenic always talks like that. How can you blame a father
    who raised you up to get married to immortal wife which u chose to self-managed.

  3. But if you re saying white people are killing black people, or the Americas have a plain to take over south Sudan and its resources, and you forgot the backyard robbers are robbing our resources with no or little benefit from them.the little resources which was supposed to be paid for the poor civil servants of south Sudan are paying for damn Ugandans who are supporting just one tribe the so called the kiir dinka.
    If not the USA kiir will not never ever have so called presidential seat forever he supposed to still swinging on the trees in warap jingle.

  4. Rubbish. UN is the combined will of 193 nations saying that the current killings and corruption in . South Sudan must stop. unless the current two parties stop it. UN will.
    enough slaughtering and terror.Horrible human rights abuses.
    People living in fear of secret police and Kiir’s death squads, the “unknown gunmen” of Juba.
    Citizens being denied leaving a Juba airport or at Nimule. Doesnt this tell you that someyhing is very wrong?
    Simple truth, there is no government in South Sudan worth the name. . A bunch of self serving individuals enriching themselves disregardi g the wellbeing of the population.
    off course they fear UN leacekeepers stopping their destructive plans.

  5. It’s only people with poor understanding abilities that will take this strong message for granted.
    Other wise people with clear vision will give congratulatory message.

    1. Dinka fear God please. Do you really have heart for the country? Why do you blame USA when you kill your own citizens? This is ridiculous and disgusting.

    2. I think only a deaf person and only someone from the sectarian tribal regime in south Sudan can deny the fact that something very wrong is going on in the country. It is only a leader like M7 can blindly blame one side to the conflict in south Sudan. And this is where any reasonable person can not fail to understand that the December 2013 was incited by the advise of M7 and the July 8 clashes in Juba is still the idea from M7 because his country is not benefiting from the TGoNU. After loosing elections almost in every barracks, and has no where to keep his surplus armies, I’ll advice our leaders to breach the peace agreement so that the unity government can collapse and he finds the chance to send back his army to South Sudan. Our leaders have failed to understand all this foolery and continue to slaughter their own brothers and sisters in name of rebels.
      Now, we have proved to the whole world that we are not thinkers and we cannot manage our own affairs. The only option left is for the US and the UN to take over and show us how to live in peace no matter what they take, so long as the civil population can have peace and go about their own lives than claiming that we do have a government and individual tribe uses the powers of the government to massacre the minority tribes. All the 64 tribes in south Sudan have equal rights to participate and become a leader of the country no matter which tribe he / she comes from.

    3. I am sorry my brother Mawa, otherwise it is controversial talk. If such catastrophic proposals are accepted, South Sudan is going to be worse than Somalia, have you learned about Somalia indecent in 1993 when the brought intervention force?

  6. Nonesense, United States created South Sudan. Stop killing your brothers and sisters from the other 63 tribes and no one will pay attention to your country.


    1. if i ask you who created these on going war, you won tell me because you are only seeing one part of the coin, let those regional troops touch down and you guys who campaigning will see the real genocide you are call for, only that those who biting drum of war are not within South Sudan. it’s not coz gov’t is doing any good but for the goodness of our country those won do anything like UN peace keeping 12,000 troops which already within.

  7. This sounds like been posted by a nincompoop otherwise as an elite to truth speaking, it tells me Mr poster is one of the key murder influencers in south Sudan and beneficiary of the tribal regime of JCE cause, with all these broad day evils committed by these so called forces of kiir against civil population you tend to relate on US invasion forgetting effort made by the same UN for south Sudan’s independence. Had it been you, it would be worse than now but remember the world’s governing bodies intervene only where leaders have lost directions otherwise Why is it always south Sudan in the eyes of the world mind you other countries have never received UN intervention to cater for their citizens your research and claims are base less and bias

    1. If I ask you were was USA and UN for the last 22 years when SPLA was fighting with Sudanese gov’t for 1983-2005 when peace deal. you were the one who where collaborating with Arab during those days, but the history will not repeat it self.

  8. that’s weird.helping those who hates each other to unite and get and become their leader is a very tedious thing.UN has no right to interfere in south Sudanese affairs only in the safety of the civilians.if Africa allows this then call it a colonization not rescure to the endangered life of south Sudanese civilians.

  9. that’s not a good message to be you know how much we struggle to kill colonizers in south Sudan or how much Burundi struggled to chase away colonizers out of their lives.a man who think of being ruled through wickedness is rather dead then waiting to be ruled by such humans.stop dreaming that way or you will loss your country to American.

  10. So you like Ugandan military interference in South Sudan affairs because is helping you in extermination of other tribes, and yet you still thinking that the Sovereignty of South Sudan is not compromised at this point? And hence, denying the other foreign troops in the region and the rest of the world who wants to comes and help the South Sudanese in general, what a lunatic idea is that in you????, South Sudan will have its future back only when you guys realized that South Sudan belong to All of us (64 tribes) and not for you the lost victims of yesterday that becomes a perpetrator of today.

  11. Who’s permanent here on this planet? We just need peace, stability and able leaders and not after resources otherwise I even don’t think half of the South Sudanese enjoy dat resources you’re talking about with the chronic invaded tribalism.

  12. there are wars all over the world and UN haven’t declare war on them and they declared it on south Sudan . America was at war after they got their independent for itself, Kenya and many more countries it has become a routine so I wonder why , we got independent and the hypocrisies talk bad as if they haven’t experience the internal wars #no need for more troop in the south

  13. What about Uganda? Is it not another country with its troops in S. Sudan? What is the Uganda army is doing in S. Sudan?

  14. Good writings from the borglobe, but we have failed to maintain peace in the country, what do you think will happen after the failure to implement the peace agreement? All sorts of things will of course come into the country, we proclaim the country and later destroy it for our own individual interests.

  15. Congragulation

    i realli described this ppsal made by da US UN r da main rod 2 evalasting pis in s-sudan despite da fac dad they ill xplore our resources N fight da Dnka tribe until deir ppulation reduces

  16. What a foolish article! If south sudanese army can butcher, rape and loot poor and vulnerable civilians and the leader ship dinka dominated government, what else do you expect? Your dinka regime is over! Time for peace and no single dinka will stand against the will of the other people. You go and butcher your selves in your cattle camp as you always do and leave other people in peace.

  17. I strongly believe what my colleague Aideed Koryom said. That is the fact and the mission of USA. It is devide and rule policy. I am originally From Somalia and Mr Aideed Koryom didn’t offended Somalia or lowered their dignity, but he is warning our fellow Africans to be vigilant and be aware their hiden agendas. No NGOs with a single vission.

  18. The problem is,we don’t have some body as intelligent as John Garang.If americans are interested in RSS,that’s more than fine and there are many ways to make them come in under the term of a win win context.After all we are a pre-historic backward state.Just look at the communist China which can never manage an inch of development without foreign investors with the US constituting thick in that backbone.
    There is no need to count on Kiir,Riak,Pagan or any other SPLM/A leader.They don’t have the vision of how things should work in RSS and that’s why we will suffer so greatly for a very long time.

  19. Am a Ugandan leaving in Kampala and really concerned about what is happening with our neighbors in s. Sudan. To me these problems can not be solved by anyone but Africans themselves. We are the only pipo who know the Genesis of these problems en therefore we have the capacity en the solution for this same problems. If I can be reminded which country has USA Entered in the name of solving the problems and we are seeing sanity? Look at Somalia, it’s not until Uganda spearheaded the mission that we can see hope. please African problems with African Solutions.

  20. That’s good news! South Sudan is better off under colonialism (US) than under the barbaric Dinka. Arming the rest of the tribes to fight them is a beautiful idea . It’s only a matter of time the cow herders will be confined to their cattle pens to allow for civilization in South Sudan.

  21. Of course UN should intervention in the mean of using his army forces to overthrown the dictarship of JCE and if the world body fail to re-committed on that panic situation on the ground in S.Sudan a lots of difficulities will occure in every minute please believe me this like kiir is doing the fragment job and fall under inquity but let the US do every it can do

  22. You knock the points. Everything Dinka fights against is something in advance that wc when allowed a room can destroy the whole house. Have u ever had any dinka friend who might have one day plotted to kill u, betrayed or harmed u, leave u behind when faced with danger. No it can be until u start attemptin bad things against him several times, those other following them are Zandes. Nuer are good but the worst part of them is they don’t know “first wait or stop to listen to me”. Might be the the learned ones know it but Riak Machar is also learned and he did bad.

  23. IT is better for US to take over rather then Nyakiir staying in the for power for whole of his live ………….or we better sell to US then killing innocence civilians.

  24. Yes if the secretary moon will facilitate it very soon it will end the blood shed in south sudan.the only thing that the Secretary moon should deal with it if for those who keep peace strongly and avoid to break the head of the world or the peace that was agreed by the people of the world including it’s time for US to deal for those who take the law with their own hand.

  25. I am a white man and a citizen of the United States. I am currently in Juba, SOUTH SUDAN and grateful to God to be here. I am here for the 15th time and plan to continue coming. I have no purpose in coming to South Sudan other than to be of help in a new nation which has so many needs. Our NGO has built a vocational boarding school which is training men and women valuable and practical skills. I do what I do because I am a Christian. I have many South Sudanese friends. Such poison like what is expressed in this original post is so unfortunate. May more people promote peace instead of hate.

  26. Killing white people is the duty of each and every believer because they are evil children of devils Dinkas will never surrend to the United Kingdom of evils SPLA is armed and Jesus is ahead

  27. blame is the engine of failure; civilians all over Africa are oppressed by high sensitive issues e.g corruption, poor governance ,greed just to name a few
    if we don’t solve this issues by our own then our system is to blame
    this is a eat man society the rich oppress the poor. fact is if you want to be a failure play the blame game

  28. iam ment to believe 80% of sudanese are fools,illetrate or just uncivilesed suppose the writter of this article is a sudanese. you paint a picture that you are ungovernable and you have to be colonized till you start reasoning. if UN leaves sudan then you will perish …..what is the problem with UN using force to protect civilians?


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