UNICEF needs US$174 million to support children in Sudan

KHARTOUM, 26 January 2016 – UNICEF estimates US$174 million to reach 3.8 million children in targeted for humanitarian and development assistance in Sudan.
In 2016, UNICEF will continue to work with partners, including the Government of the Sudan, to reach children affected by conflict, natural disasters, epidemics and chronic underdevelopment, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.
Some 2 million children under 5 years are suffering from malnutrition, with global acute malnutrition (GAM) at 16.3 %, which is above emergency thresholds.
Over 3 million children have no access to basic education services, and 3.8 million people do not have access to water and sanitation.
Since 15 December 2013, more than 198,000 South Sudanese have fled the war in South Sudan and sought refuge in the Sudan, with more than 70 per cent of those living in camps estimated to be children. Children in areas inaccessible to support have not yet been reached with basic social such as safe water, proper sanitation, nutrition, education and health services, including vital vaccination for polio and measles.
Climate change is a growing threat. One of the strongest El Niño weather events on record may pose further risk. According to the current impact analysis caused by El Niño, up to 3.3 million people (1.7 million children) in Sudan will be in need of humanitarian assistance in the first quarter of 2016.
As UNICEF today globally launches the Humanitarian Action for Children 2016 appeal which targets a total of 76 million people in 63 countries, Sudan is mentioned amongst the severely underfunded emergencies together with Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which were funded less than 40 per cent in 2015.
In 2015 UNICEF Sudan’s appealed for $116.9 million for emergency; the appeal was 42 percent (US$ 48.8 million) funded.  With the funds received, UNICEF Sudan in collaboration with key line ministries, international and national NGOs, and humanitarian and development partners, reached 383,700 caregivers with counselling on infant and young child feeding (IYCF). Some 1,859,300 conflict-affected people (60 per cent children) benefitted from primary health care services. 93,300 children were reached with psychosocial support. Nearly 31,900 children were able to continue their education through safe learning spaces. More than 210,900 people gained access to safe water, in part due to work in refugee sites in White Nile State, where a few water points reached many refugees. In addition, 417,200 people benefited from hygiene messages and sensitization activities.


The full UNICEF Global Humanitarian Action for Children 2016 appeal and related country information can be found here from 10:30 GMT on 26th January 2016: www.unicef.org/appeals

Video and photos are available for download here: http://uni.cf/1RTmcsI

For more information, please contact:

 Alison Parker, Chief of Communication, UNICEF Sudan, +249-(0)912 – 179 -116,aparker@unicef.org                                                                                                    You can also follow UNICEF Sudan on Twitter (https://twitter.com/unicefsudan ), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UnicefSudan123)

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  1. The programs will also ensure that children in conflict zones be both vaccinated and supported through basic social services, as well as the enrollment of one million children into schools by 2017.

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