Deng Kur and Nhial Lual (photo credit: facebook)

This is to Remind Candidates for Presidency of Great Bor Community in The U.S.

By Deng Kur Deng

Deng Kur and Nhial Lual
Deng Kur and Nhial Lual (photo credit: facebook)

Our people don’t seem to understand that we are seen as a positive example to many communities in South Sudan and that so many communities look up to us to be a good example. It is worthwhile for our fellow South Sudanese citizens in other states to imitate such good behavior. Searching for a leader is not as easy a task as people perceive it to be because the job is complex and requires maneuvering on a number of problematic issues. At some point, it is more than likely the case that things will become complicated at the county level if they are not handled carefully. In such an environment, feelings are bound to get hurt in the process but that is what happens when you must lead the people who need protection from organized self-hate individuals.

If you are only interested in ruining our unity or in creating fragmentation among the people, then please do us all a favor and exit peacefully because disunity won’t address our collective problems. We have heard a lot about the negative things said about Bor, Twic, and Dukeen, so we are looking for a serious-minded leader who is not seeking to use this position to preach hate among us. As a leader, you must accept being an honest public servant. Selfishness is associated with one’s insensitiveness towards responding to frustrated communities during trying times. For example, our communities are affected by insecurity and this is a priority in the Greater Bor Community at large that needs to be addressed.

We know that the personality traits integrity, honesty, and admiration needed to hold public office can be affected by hidden agendas, so it is our hope that none of the candidates have a hidden mission to set us against each other. Many of us are maddened when officials who have accepted the responsibility of leading our individual communities and the Greater Bor Community employ such strategies. I am aware that there are issues related to identities, which were never in question because each of the three sisterly counties has an independent entity and no one cares about changing their identities. Reserve is not the same as promoting barriers among people. Some people are stupidly good at promoting barriers, but that is not what Bor Community deserves from a leader. If you are not a serious, reliable, and predictable leader, this position is not for you because this position is meant to build communities, not incapacitate them. There are many unresolved issues in our communities, so responsibility is the most important requirement of this position, and one must put in time and greatly invest in the people here abroad and at home. A commitment to stand with the people at all levels is required. The other components that interfere with leadership are arrogance, being ill informed, unprepared, self-serving, and micromanaging, all of which are traits we need to avoid in our own leaders. Instead of creating aggression within our communities, our leaders should invest in things that worth expending our time and effort. The most incredible thing leaders can do is to foster an environment of cooperation among the people.

Here in the USA, a good number of members of the Bor community are educated. Unfortunately, I have realized that some of us in the community are closed-minded, so we are looking for a leader who is open-minded, sensitive to social issues, especially those that matter to everyone.  The most frustrating part of this is when leaders are involved in undermining other communities for selfish reasons. Sluggishness in a leader prevents them from being able to respond quickly and positively to our current issues, which is the exact opposite of what we want.

In addition, change is an important part of progress, but resistance to change is an obstruction to what we hope to achieve as a community. These are a few of the reasons why some of us encouraged candidates that are known to be thoughtful and mindful about diversity and the social issues to run. These issues have wrecked and clouded our collective energy in our respective communities and it is best to find leaders to resolve those. With that in mind, we encourage an innovative leader who is likely to promote innovation in people. We are not interested in an incompetent leader who may not know what we stand for in Bor Community. If you are there to make names for yourself and not qualify, then we are in big trouble. This position is very important to the Great Bor Community at large so I have a feeling that being successful at the job is not about performing or underperforming at your assigned duties; rather it is about productively dealing with the vast number of problems mentioned above. If you are not qualified in terms of experience to comprehend many of our pressing issues, you still have time to withdraw your application.

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