The Prediction Turned into Reality

By Phillips Garang

The night when the Dr. John Garang de mabior missing between Uganda and Sudan, was circulating in the media, I told, the groups of my friends who were gathering at Jok Dau Agutyar’s apartment in the Volunteer State, in the U.S that, we will be missing the great leader (Dr John Garang) who his mission will not be accomplished by remainder leaders due to their high greedy of the leadership among themselves. I said that, in the recalled of the 1991, when Dr. Riek‘s rebel to dysfunction the South People Liberation movement/Army. In that case, Dr. Riek was influences by his wife Emma and his friend Dr. Lam to rebel and made atrocities against innocent civilians in the Jonglei region, and at same time, to destroy the SPLM/A moral to capture Juba.  According to SPLM/A sources, Emma was the prostitution white girl who married to Dr. Machar in the expenses of influences him to destroy the SPLM/A.  Emma influences Dr.

Riek Machar to rebel against his Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM/A) and form his own movement called The South Sudan Independence movement/Army (SSIM/A; who accomplish nothing than killing civilians in the Jonglei region 1990s and put the Nuer hero interest into rebel historical agenda.  After Dr. Riek Machar rebel against the SPLM/A who he was high command among others, has been rebel and he created his movement called “South Sudan Independent Movement” (SSIM/A) to dysfunction the SPLM/A struggle. The SSIM/A has die after Dr. Riek Machar went to Khartoum and never accomplishments anything exception of his returned to the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army on November 05, 2001.

I told the groups that, if this rumor about Dr. John Garang de Mabior’s missing from Uganda to Sudan become true then we shall still have the hopes that our referendum in the CPA documents could still alive because of OUR support from the U.S, and U.K, include elsewhere can help, but after that referendum, our leaders will not accomplishments the vision that took the life of 1.5 million of our people. They will not accomplishment the vision because of their different interest and greedy of the leadership among themselves. However, our remainder leaders who are now present, have high different interest that could accelerates an instability in the country any time, which was big worry after independent of the South Sudan.
Even though, our education that we are struggle here and there, having dream to go back home and rebuilt our South Sudan who took our fathers, mothers, sisters brothers and many more life, would be life struggle regrettable because we would not finds leader like Dr. John Garang de mabior among the remainder leaders simply, Dr. John Garang de mabior was one, and the most perceived leader with vision of being Southernism Sudanese regardless your ethnic group. If that missing result to his death today, then our worry will be our families’ life in the refugee camp, where we left because our being Refugee and IDP, have become our determinants of starvation and death for our innocent people. When the problem rises again in the South Sudan later then it will not be restored for another year due to that different interest and greedy of the leadership among our leaders. However, in this case, some of our remainder leaders will see the death of Dr. John de Mabior as their chance to become leaders regardless of their capacity of being leader.

Today, the South Sudan has been in the situation that my judgment has been falls in with clarify of the grassroots who will caused the instability in the South Sudan after referendum. As the South Sudan citizens, the only solution that will restored the South Sudan are the unity and peace within the South Sudanese including allies their interest with stick nations who they thoughts can helps them to restored stability rather than IGAD, UN etc. In this case, war is the business of the United Nation because without war, the United Nation will not be functioning and they will not have more funding from the western interest countries. Therefore, the South Sudanese have to ensure that those Agencies will not make different without their inputs in

the unity with peace perspective and less self-interest that will eliminated certain group like G10 of Pagan Amum and Nguedneg prophecies believer among the Nuer people such as Dr. Riek Machar.

Phillips Garang  “Far away from the corruption, marginalization and atrocity in the South Sudan and live in free press nation’

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