The defection of Iowa SPLM chapter in USA is trivial lie and futile by the rebels.

From Iowa SPLM office.
Date 10/04/14



Dear citizens of world’s newest republic, the Republic of South Sudan. Ladies and gentlemen, all men and women in uniforms, the people of all ages, people of all faiths and the people of all diversity and of all languages from all sixty-fourth tribes of our beloved nation. Compatriot citizens, please allow yourselves to receive my reverently greeting to you on behalf of the SPLM chapter in the great state of Iowa, USA. Dear fellow countrymen and women, Good morning, evening or night, whatever the time of the day in your location. Please allow me to congratulate our forces at the frontline, for their daily sacrifices they made against anti peace forces.

Dear citizens, we all knew on the 12/15/13 a doleful event took place, which shaped the landscape of our national politics. This event has plugged our nation into war and contentious debate among our people; which cause the split within the rank and file of the ruling party, the SPLM and in the national army the SPLA. With one faction calling itself SPLM/A in-opposition led by the former vice president Riek Machar, and the SPLM/A in the Government led by the president 1st Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. As severity of war havoc touches the nation, undismissible number of lives and properties has been lost. And the SPLM party is being inundated with the letters of defection in the country and in Diaspora. On the 7 April 2014, there was a letter indicating that Iowa SPLM chapter in USA has defected to the rebel group. To the Heaven and Earth, God knows! That was baseless and hoodwinks, and the public should be alert. The SPLM chapter in Iowa has not defected to the opposition.

We are here to inform the public and the media that Iowa state SPLM chapter is still with the government and is actively functioning from its highest organs in the state. The chapter chairman James Machar Baak Akec, is discharging his duties to the State Chapter as chairperson and that is undeniable reality. For those who defected to rebel’s side, many of them were inactive members and some were former Riek sympathizers from South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) and one member Deng Tiir Angong is from NCP and Luis Ajak is SPLM-DC member and John Lado has not defected with the group. The rebellion of this group from the SPLM mother is not new and that should not surprise anyone; it become mundane. Our Chapter member’s constellation existent is irrefutable and we are still matching together with government of the republic of the South Sudan.

Today “we the people” of Iowa SPLM chapter in USA make it clear that we haven’t defected, with the exception of former State chapter chairperson Mun Naam Kok and the now-then deputy chairperson Simon Puk. This move by the SPLM-IO try to desecrate the SPLM- IG has ossified our chapter unity. The loath of SPLM chapter in Iowa not quickly responding to this pure allegations, was to give chances to some of the quick thinkers from SPLM-IO to retract their statement. We know they are still our brothers and sisters and we are ready to welcome them back when they realize that unity of our people is more important than individual interest. We are asking South Sudanese to unify behind the elected president until his term end. The Public should also reject the forceful removing of the constitutional government because it will set unprecedented changing of the government through the bullet than by the ballet box which is a symbol of the democracy.

Iowa SPLM chapter is here making it officially that we have not capitulate to the rebel movement and we will not for any reason. In the strongest term possibly, we condemn the moves by some individuals within the state, trying to smudge our image. We iterated our position that we’re with the SPLM in the government but not SPLM-IO and we have never be with the opposition, which were part of the current government until lately. Iowa, the home of legendary Dr. Garang, Ambassador David Boam Chot , Ambassador John Ukech and many SPLM generals who came here for training couple years back, we have not move away even an inch from our main objectives of serving the people of Republic of the South Sudan. We are the backbone and the eyes of SPLM in USA and we have not been waver or transmuted by the individuals move within our state. Long lives the people of South Sudan, long live the SPLM/A, and thanks you.

For the authenticity of this memo, I Nyiel Dot Duoi, the writer of this article is residing in the state of Iowa. Nyiel is former deputy of Iowa State Chapter and the current Iowa State chairman for SPLA Diaspora veterans and the diehard SPLM/A member. I will be reach at

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