Dr. Mabior Nyuon Bior (1971-2016)

The Death of Dr. Mabior Nyuon Bior, Eulogy


Dr. Mabior Nyuon Bior (1971-2016)
Dr. Mabior Nyuon Bior (1971-2016)

Dr. Mabior Nyuon Bior son of Nyuon Bior and Akur Garang, Mabior was born in early 1971 in Mangalla Central Equatoria. Mabior’s father Nyuon Bior was a farmer and cattle herder from Bor, Deer clan, Pageer sub-clan from Makuach Payam. His mother, Akur Garang was from Gualla clan, Ajuong sub-clan. In late 1960s Nyuon and Akur joined hands in a blessed marriage, which brought two communities together. They were blessed with three children Alier, Agok, and late Dr. Mabior. Mabior was the third child. During the latest years of 1972, the family moved to Bor where Mabior’s only sister, Agok, contracted a disease and as a result she passed away.
Mabior’s father, died in 1985, leaving Akur to raise the children by herself as a single mother until her death in 2010.
Dr. Mabior joined the liberation movement since its inception in 1983. However, for understandable reasons he voluntarily enlisted and was train to became a freedom fighter in 1984. Dr. Mabior was among the 629 Red Army members who were sent to Cuba by the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army in pursuit of education. Although Dr. Mabior started his education in Bor town, it was discontinued by the conflict. Nonetheless he recommenced primary education in Cuba where he was able to reach university studies in medical field. Dr. Mabior attended his medical studies at La Universidad De Ciencias Medicas del Santiago de Cuba: a medical school of high prestige. Dr. Mabior successfully completed his medical studies in 2000 and earned a Degree of Medical Doctor.
Like many of his colleagues, Dr. Mabior was unable to return to South Sudan immediately after the culmination of his education due to the continuation of civil war. However, like many Red Army members Dr. Mabior had no any other choice but to move to Canada, where he had hope to resettle. Though, being in Canada could have brought him endless great opportunities; it posted unexpected new challenges with his medical career.
Luckily when the war was brought to an end as CPA was signed, hope of starting to exercise his medical career was raised. In order to capitalize this hope; efforts were made in order to encourage medical professionals to return home and assist the devastated country especially in health care area. Thanks to Samaritan Purse this desires were materialized.
Dr. Mabior and 15 of his colleagues took up the task and singed up in the program of reintegration into the medical field. University of Calgary agreed to partner with Samaritan purse in this humanitarian needs. After completion of his studied, Dr. Mabior and his colleagues were sent for the medical practices in tropical diseases in Kenya. Dr. Mabior was assigned to Kijabe hospital in Great Rift Valley province where he spent a year reacquiring and solidifying his medical knowledge. He was then transfer to Tumutumu hospital for another three months. After completion of tropical disease practiced, the government of South Sudan and Samaritan agree to on a plan.  In 2008 the group travelled to Juba in order to be assigned positions in health care area and hopefully health care’s needs could be made.
Dr. Mabior was dispatched to the only State hospital in Jonglei where he served tirelessly. Aware of the lack of medical professionals in South Sudan, Dr. Mabior had no other choice but was bond to perform all kind of medical task such surgeries of all kind: cesareans, wounded of war and of any other varieties. In many occasions Dr. Mabior was obligated to assume a role of nursing and even medical officers among many more. Dr. Mabior also observe administrative duties as a result.
His sickness started on January of 2016 in Bor where he was diagnosing with the lungs discomfort. He has been going for treatment in Juba until March of that year until he was referred to Kijabe hospital. Here he underwent attentive treatments. All effort to safe his life were attempt, but unfortunately unsuccessful.  Dr. Mabior passed away in Kijabe hospital on May 26, 2016 at 11:00am.
During his staying in Bor he was privilege to meet the love of his life, Mary Atiit Machar from Pathuyith who became his partner and eventually married her in 2009 in Bor Town. They were blessed with a little boy whom they name after his grandfather, Bior.
Dr. Mabior was survive by his beloved wife, Mary Atiit, his son little Bior, his older brother Alier Nyoun who lives in Canada.

Dr. Mabior last words:

This is important because these words were his utmost wishes:
While at the ICU and well aware of his condition he calls Ngor Nguet his cousin who was taking care of him while hospitalized and told him: “ I feel like I will not make today. Please take care of my son, educates him so that he became like me or higher” He also repeatedly thank John Clayton of Samaritan purse for their care.
In Cuba Dr. Mabior demonstrated a high quality of leadership as he was elected as the Sudan Students President Association in various occasions. Not only was he a brother, a comrade and a great colleague; the best cousin anyone could ever have wished for, but also he was a great patriot and man of principles who could never wrong anyone knowingly. Dr. Mabior could have gotten and acceptable resettlement in the luxury life of the west were better chances of living are attain, but instead he opted to sacrifices his life where his services are much more needed, and that was his beloved country of South Sudan.
He would be dearly missed in Jonglei State’s hospital, Bor, Deer, and Pageer as well to the entire Achol Giir’s family. How can we honor his legacy? Dr. Mabior left behind a child and a wife. His legacy will fulfill once his child and his wife has taking care of which we believe and trust that Alier Nyoun, Mangok Jok, Bior Luoi, Mayen Awan, Mamer Awan, Nyanuer Nyuon, Ngor Nguet, and the entire Achol Giir’s family as well as friends of Dr. Mabior.

Words of gratitude:

Firstly I would like to thanks John Clayton, Dorothy DeVuyst, Rose Kipchumba and the entire team from Samaritan Purse for the unmatched support you have provided in an enormous effort of trying to save Dr. Mabior’s life. We are out of words of gratitude. May God only reward you.
I will be dismissed if I do not recognize the effort done by Dr. Deng Mayom, Dr. Madit Thon, and Mr. Monybany Minyang for doing everything in your power to save Dr. Mabior’s life. We are also indebted for the overwhelming supports form Nyanuer William Nyuon, Martha Deng Atem, Nyanakuek Majier, and thank you so much for your endless support.



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