The CIA’s ‘Dirty War’ in South Sudan

It’s that simple – the war in South Sudan is about denying China access to Africa’s oil.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA is funding a dirty war in South Sudan. The war in South Sudan is little different than the wars the CIA funded in Angola and Mozambique, to name two of the most infamous.
The CIA is using a mercenary warlord named Reik Machar, who has a long history of ethnic massacres and mass murder to his credit, to try and overthrow the internationally recognized government of President Salva Kiir for the crime of doing business with rivals of Pax Americana, the Chinese.
It is in the “national interests” of the USA to deny China access to African energy resources and the Sudanese oil fields are the only Chinese owned and operated in Africa. It’s that simple – the war in South Sudan is about denying China access to Africa’s oil.
Reik Machar, according to Wikileaks, has been scheming to overthrow the Salva Kiir government and assassinate President Kiir since 2006. He carried out an attempted coup in early 2014 and then scurried off to his villa in Addis Ababa all the while sending his death squads to rape and pillage until they were able to shut down the Chinese oil fields on the border with Sudan. During a lull in the murder and mayhem instigated by Mr. Machar, the Chinese restored the oil flow, only to see another round of massacres and ethnic based destruction and looting.
It was only when China sent over 1,000 armed “peacekeepers” to protect their oil fields were they able to keep them up and running.
The U.N. has been complicit in all this, giving aid and succor to the rebellion, going so far as to snatch Reik Machar from South Sudan as government troops were hunting him down after he fled the capital Juba during the latest round of fighting. From South Sudan via helicopter to Kinshasa to Khartoum (his previous home in Addis Ababa no longer so stable) Reik Machar today is living under the watchful eye of Sudanese President Bashir.
The CIA hasn’t given up following this latest “setback” and the Unted States and its minions at the U.N. are pushing for an invasion and occupation of South Sudan in the name of Responsibility to Protect (much the same rational as in their war against Libya). With the civil war having destoyed much of the country’s agriculture production, South Sudan remains dependent on international charity, charity now threatened by U.S.-backed U.N. sanctions against the government, with the desired end result being regime change.
Until China is completely ousted from African oil fields, expect more murder and mayhem between tribes in South Sudan. The tribal enmities ignited will take generations to subside thanks to the CIA’s dirty war in South Sudan.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and reporting from here since 2006. His recent speeches, interviews and articles can be seen at thomascmountain at Facebook. He can best be reached at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

One thought on “The CIA’s ‘Dirty War’ in South Sudan

  1. What coup in 2014?
    It was clearly documented that was happened inJuba was no coup at all, it was an attempt by Kiir and his cronies to solidify the dictatoehip in . South Sudan. Everyone knows this. South Sudan has some oil, for sure, but the quantities tiny by international standards and insignificant in the provision of fuel to Cina or the rest of the world.

    tryini g to shift blame for the war on others is not working anymore. The Juba mob are like a severe constipation. Blocking any form of progresd. . Exterminating dissidents using Kiirs unknown gunmen.
    Foul smelling gas released every now and again by Lueth and Ateny with vitriloic attacks on anyone trying to bring a remedy to the diseased nation.

    Who can provide a cure? The only hope is IO to provide a counterbalance. Pushing Kiir and his mob back from the brink of the abyss. Forcing introduction of joint police, hopefully drastcally cutting down the killing forces of National Security and Malongs killer forces.

    The best indicator of a dictatorship is looking at free media. Ongoing opression of newspapers and journalists. . Why?
    The truth surpressed doesn’t ure the constipation. The day will come when the blockage is removed. Once the stench is gone and a clear view is obtained. Mend and womencan start to work on the fixing the broken nation, to start to build the nation. Only then will any natural resourcez be of any value to the millions sufferibg so terribly in South Sudan.
    Take alook . at Juba instead of blaming others. South Sudan is like a failed football team. The captain blaimiing everyone for the failures but still using the same proven failed tactics. Buying failed players from the other team (taban), but not changing anything else. This will not work at all.

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