T.B. Joshua Visits South Sudan to Foster Peace

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — President Salva Kiir Mayardit formally invited T.B. Joshua to visit the land locked and young country of South Sudan.  Since 2013, South Sudan has been plagued with food shortages for almost 4 million citizens as well as an estimated 2 million citizens being displaced. The warring country is infamous for mass killings, violent gang rapes and the kidnapping of women and girls as a war strategy. Even UN Peace Keepers have reported being consistently attacked, intimidated, and detained while being stationed in the country.
T.B. Joshua, an international televangelist, on this past New Year’s Eve, discussed his 2016 New Year’s Prophecies on Emmanuel TV (one of Africa’s most watched Christian networks), including, “I encourage the governments of all nations to invest in Agriculture and to grant loans to deserving citizens to augment this effort. There will be large scale scarcity and shortage of Food. As a state, country, continent, we have to go back to the farm to arrest and to alleviate the forthcoming situation.”
T.B. Joshua has accepted the invitation by President Mayardit and will pray with all parties involved to help bring calm to the nation. Since T.B. Joshua and his church organization, The Synagogue, Church of All Nations are well known for their international humanitarian initiatives, Prophet T.B. Joshua plans on providing Humanitarian Aid to the country as well as his spiritual support.
T.B. Joshua is in South Sudan today and is set to stay through the 27th of Jan. 2016.

About Prophet T.B. Joshua:

Prophet T.B. Joshua is the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations based in Lagos, Nigeria and Founder of Emmanuel TV.  Emmanuel TV is in its 10th year in operation and is one of Africa’s most watched Christian Networks. Most recently Emmanuel TV official YouTube channel received over 100 million views. https://www.youtube.com/user/scoanvideos

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3 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua Visits South Sudan to Foster Peace

  1. Critics eat your cruel hearts out ! ! !
    Scoan’s power with the holy Prophet TB Joshua is unstoppable !!
    He is just the greatest living and verifiable prophet on earth now.
    Another unique aspect of God’s Renowned global evangelist, P.S. Upthegrove’s message has to do with his God given revelation that Prophet T.B.Joshua is one of the twelve end-time prophets in the world. This is a rare confirmation. Apostles, the world over, are several millions, but God knows exactly the gifts He gives to each individual, if they actually are called! The end-time prophets are bound to face opposition, sometimes vicious, dangerous, poison-edged and evil-laced challenges and criticisms, the kind which T.B. Joshua has been exposed to over the years.
    The critics, forget that the Creator needs no approval from the humans to call His servants. Many of Prophet T.B.Joshua’s vicious critics have never stopped asking for T.B. Joshua’s help with mentorship, church membership and pastoral training and confirmation. To them, the mentorship of God is insufficient. It is as if they demand that God should come physically to anoint Joshua, even when the fruits from his ministry demonstrate HE is clearly the centre of his ministerial commitments. Critics question the use of the Anointing Water and stickers; they query the stretching of hands and even the use of the word ‘Emmanuel’. They are not satisfied that the true work of God is being done in the midst of people from all corners of the globe – America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

    God’s General, C.S. Upthegrove, who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister, was also encouraged by the ministration of the wise men in the church. He recounted how seeing such power demonstrated reminded him of all he had witnessed through ministers of God such as Oral Roberts, AA Allen, William Branham and RW Shambach who he had the privilege to work with and know personally.
    God had told the church – through Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove – that T.B. Joshua is one of His prophets, one through whom God would use to give people from all over the world their deliverance, blessings, healings and salvation. He said God uses anything to touch the lives of people – sticks, stones, shadows and even dead men’s bones. That T.B. Joshua has been using water to do likewise is within with God’s ability to be present in every matter of nature. The Anointing Water has been successfully used over the years to tear the kingdom of satan apart and als set people free from bondages and fasten people’s expectations on God.

    Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove told the congregation that AA Allen had actually described The SCOAN to him, so graphically, prophesying that God would sustain his life to conceived.see the fulfilment of his message and enabling him to meet the person concerned. He had always prayed to the Lord to give him grace to visit the prophesied church and it’s General Overseer. Allen’s vision had come in a period in which technologies such as the internet, through which many have discovered Joshua’s ministry, had not even been around.

  2. INCREDIBLE! Late Prophet Adewole’s shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ Prediction About TB Joshua

    By Streetwise Magazine, Nigeria – Issue 2
    Nigeria News | Thu, 15 Oct 2009

    Jesus Christ revealed who Prophet TB Joshua is to His beloved servant, late Prophet (Dr.) Akin Adewole, shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Opopo Igbala Parish, Ikola Road, Ipaja, Lagos

    T.B. Joshua means different things to different people. To some clerics who are envious of him, he is an agent of Satan, a magician or an occult healer. To many intellectuals, he is an intriguing marvel, a wonder man of the 20th century. To the thousands who have been healed and delivered through him, he is a gift to mankind. Yet, in spite of all these, the question remains – who is Prophet T. B. Joshua? Is he an ambassador of Jesus Christ or of the devil?

    God only reveals His top secrets to those He loves. He revealed the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet Isaiah. In the same vein, Jesus Christ revealed who Prophet TB Joshua is to His beloved servant, late Prophet (Dr.) Akin Adewole, shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Opopo Igbala Parish, Ikola Road, Ipaja, Lagos sometime in 1995. The following excerpts from the press release which Prophet Adewole consequently issued on the ‘Man in the Synagogue’ in 1995 can be said to put to rest the seemingly endless controversy surrounding who T. B. Joshua is.

    “I was attending to people in my office one day when three journalists entered; the three of them came from three different media houses. They asked, “Prophet Sir, we see and know you to be one of foremost Prophets of God in Africa today. Millions of people are looking forward to your comments because you are the only prophet who has never commented on the subject?” At this point, before they mentioned what they really wanted and the man in question, our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me from the Altar in my office on a golden, very beautiful and mighty chair. He commanded me not to join fake, jealous and envious prophets to say blasphemy against a fellow messenger of God.

  3. Prophet TB Joshua critics fail both in Nigeria and elsewhere?
    Yes, as a result of this the Religious Monitoring Group have investigated Joshua and the Synagogue, Church of All Nations and have concluded that he is a man of God and that his work is of the Holy Spirit.His chief critic was denounced by this watchdog group as morally bankrupt and an adulterer who has political ambitions.
    The overseas critics are relying on hearsay evidence and none of them have personally visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.

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