Special Thank-You Letter to Mayak Deng Aruei in Response to My Article

Dear Mayak Deng,

Your response to my article was encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to point out both the positive and negative sides of the problem regarding anonymous writers. I am glad to have encountered someone who can respond to stand his position with such insight. You are correct in pointing out that Thon Garang and Wal Garang are responsible for the alleged articles. That was why I held you accountable because I knew you either had alliance or knowledgeable to the suspected source due to the recurred citation and reference of your blog.  You are a graduate and 3rd year doctoral student and let your site blog used by unwarranted source was a wrong of you because you are scholarly expected to be familiar with citation and reference guidelines through all your writings and indeed you know better than that; however, good enough, you have solved the whole case scenario now.
I am confident that our combined efforts will give us a technical edge over to defeat those who intend to negate the coexistence of the two counties (Bor and Twi).  Thanks for taking my call too seriously the way I wanted and let the two communities know that you are no longer among those cyber mobs. Those who learn from others’ experience are always a stride ahead of the rest to stand for truth; excluding yourself from the alleged furtive is now within your means is considered a wise move. I am sure you have done the right thing to get forward and let the victims of those defamatory articles know that you are not the one anymore.
The information I requested on is now answered.  It was just what many people needed. Thank you very much. I genuinely appreciate your help to end these disrespectful manners.  This is exactly the kind of input we need to better serve our communities.  I have appreciated the remarks you made in your article. I know your article contains descriptive and technical words against me, but it does not matter to me anymore since you cleared yourself off, telling truth to the two communities.  PEACE OUT!!

Highest Regards,
Majur Deng Nhial

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