South Sudan says murder reports fabricated

Brian Mureithi

South Sudan has refuted claims appearing in a section of Kenyan media, accusing its troops of killing rebels.
South Sudan ambassador to Kenya, Marianor Deng Ngor, described the reports as fabricated by the rebels meant to scuttle the ongoing efforts to implement the Peace Agreement signed in August last year to form a transition government between the government and the opposition.
Deng was reacting to a report by AFP published in some Kenyan media saying that South Sudan troops had suffocated 50 people in shipping containers among other gross human rights violations such as murder and rape.
The atrocities are alleged to have been committed in Unity State.
“These allegations of human rights violations are untrue even though they come from reputable sources and were obtained from individuals with negative political agenda to fuel hatred. Troops and all organised forces are directed to protect civilians, their properties and the integrity of South Sudan,” he said adding that they are premised on misconceptions and poor understanding of the situation.
The accusations had first come from the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission headed by former Botswana Prime Minister Festus Mogae, in a report tabled at the African Union (AU) Summit last Sunday where it outlined some of the ceasefire agreement violations by both sides.

One thought on “South Sudan says murder reports fabricated

  1. “South Sudan says murder reports fabricated”

    Of course it was a pure lie. Who doesn’t know our Nuer cousins?! They will let themselves be expended by their evil corporate America, the UK and their UN new masters just like they were expended by their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan masters during our war of liberation.

    But our Nuer cousins will again come back with no slight tinge of shame and will again claim to have liberated the South Sudanese people!!

    One sometimes wonder as to what universe do our Nuer cousins inhabited than their South Sudanese cousins?

    Our Nuer cousins were asking for a war against the Dinkas/Jaang right after our country’s independence, even before their 2013 attempted coup. But when their attempted failed and the war was taken to their villages. The they cry that they are being targeted simply because they are Nuers and that the government of South Sudan is not interested in peace but war.

    Now they lapping up for war again, but they cry babies again if the war game is take into their villages.

    The US, the UK and their UN expending the Nuers are the ones that will finish the Nuers in South Sudan. The Nuers have been treated with kid gloves ever since; but these days. Our cousins must grow up.

    South Sudanese want our Nuer foot-soldiers back; minus their Riek Machar demigod; because South Sudanese men want to face our external enemies with our Nuer cousins.

    But if the Nuers still want to play balls with Sudanese people, then we will rub out Nuer cousins with our external existential enemies together. No more playing games. South Sudanese people want to do other things than to be fighting the Nuers with their aimless wars against the South Sudanese people all the times.

    A line has been drawn in the sand.

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