South Sudan: Former governor arrested

The former governor of Western Equatoria state in South Sudan, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, has been reportedly arrested by National Security Services.

One of his family members said Wednesday that Mr. Bakosoro is being held since Tuesday.

According to family sources, Bakosoro had been at the NSS headquarters in Jebel area for a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, and as he was leaving after the meeting finished, NSS agents stopped his car at the gate and called him back to them. The agents ordered his driver to leave without him.

“By 9 in the evening NSS agents told them to bring extra clothes and other items to the ex-governor in detention. They said no reason was given for the arrest and they have not heard from him since,” he pointed out.

“NSS had summoned Bakosoro since Monday to their Jebel headquarters, but he was unable to attend due to lack of fuel. He however complied on Tuesday after getting fuel,” he added.

Bakoroso was elected governor of Western Equatoria state but he was removed from office by President Salva Kiir and arrested in August when Riek Machar signed the compromise peace agreement.

Since his removal, violence in Western Equatoria has increased between the SPLA units in the state and local armed groups, including in Mundri, Maridi, Yambio, Tambura, and Ezo areas.

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