South Sudan: Finance minister fails to honour parliament’s summons

The South Sudan Minister of Finance David Deng Athorbei and the Governor of the Central Bank have failed to appear before parliament on Wednesday as demanded by the legislature due to the deterioration of the economy.

Sources from the national legislative assembly told APA that Wednesday’s extraordinary parliamentary session had been cancelled as the two officials failed to appear before the house without giving any reasons.

“The Minister of Finance and the Central Bank Governor both failed to appear without giving any reasons, so we cancelled the session,” a parliamentary source confirmed.

”We have learned that the Finance Minister could not attend in person because he is out of the country, but none of his deputies or senior officials at the Ministry of Finance was able to attend on his behalf,” the source lamented.

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One thought on “South Sudan: Finance minister fails to honour parliament’s summons

  1. Mr. Minister and Governor are not respecting the choice of people and it is a mistake to do so. Failure to follow the system bring confusion and give opposition chance to have a strong position of argument. Those in the parliament were sent by the people, and I don’t know if they are aware of that or it is a ignorance and destruction. If they don’t want to build a strong system of work that will be respected, then who will make it to happen. They should listen to parliament order otherwise confusion will remain forever.

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