SOUTH SUDAN 1970-A journey to Owini-Ki-Bul headquarter and the Italian group’s struggle.

SOUTH SUDAN – FERDINAND A. M. GOI Ukelo, major of the “Anya-Nya” guerrilla fighters

By Giorgio Rapanelli
Published on Sep 29, 2015

This is a tribute to a fearless man, who fought for his people freedom during the First War of the South Sudan Independence.
Questa è una testimonianza per un uomo che non temeva la morte ed aveva combattuto per la libertà del suo popolo durante la prima guerra di indipendenza del Sud Sudan

By Giorgio Rapanelli
Published on Jan 15, 2016

Probably this is the only video document – published on the net – of the Anya-Nya guerrillas of South Sudan Liberation Front in the First War of South Sudan’s Independence (1956-1972).
It was “shot” in 16 mm. in November 1970. The author Giorgio Rapanelli was the third Italian to smuggle in South Sudan, after the actor and documentary filmmaker Antonio Cifariello, and the journalist Francesco Rosso.
Giorgio Rapanelli met in the Adodi’s village Samuel Lolik Lado and Abdel Rahman Sule.

SOUTH SUDAN 1970: “The Adodi’s children” – Joseph Lagu, Samuel Lolik Lado and Abdel Rahman Sule

Published on Nov 26, 2015

On 18th Novembre, 1970, I crossed the Uganda-South Sudan border to film the South Sudanese guerrillas “anya-nya”. 
Without the travel document from Col. JOSEPH LAGU, leader of the Southern Sudan Libération Front, I enterd illegally with DICAN O. OLWENY and MANASSE the Farajok zone, where Owini-Ki-Bul quarter. 
In 1967, JOSEPH ODUHO made me the Azania Liberation Front representative in Italy.

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