Shredding Lies and Fabrications: A Response to Baseless Accusations by Majur Deng Nhial of Bor Globe Network

By Mayak Deng Aruei, USA
PaanLuel Wël

February 16, 2016 (SSB)  —  There is nothing hurtful and painful than being ambushed in the middle of a night. The kind of attack that Majur Deng Nhial of Bor Globe has staged on me (Mayak Deng Aruei) cannot be let go without a Response and an Action. The Editor in chief of the Bor Globe Network has used a tactic of an educated person. Before getting into the body of what he had to write, Majur Deng Nhial chose the title of his lies very wisely, took the most gorgeous photo of me and painted a pretty picture of what he intended to share with his followers around the Globe.

The world haven’t heard a real news from Bor Globe for a very long time, and the Editor probably want to rejuvenate the lost voice of the Bor Globe by lying in a very unusual manner. Just be warned from the very beginning, you are entering a war-zone; stay here at your own risk. The response you are about to read has three parts: who is responsible for the articles used in the defamation of my name, a message to members of Twic East community worldwide, and how the defamatory message on the Bor Globe Network would be dealt with under the laws of the United States of America. This is not intended to be the last response, every situation will be dealt with uniquely.

The Owner of the Aforementioned Works

For many years, Twic Panda also known as Marol DiingBol shared his political and social opinions with the world at large. He manages website for the Twic East Community-USA, the group that Mr. Wal Garang presides over. The work that has been used by Majur Deng Nhial and Bor Globe Associates to tarnish my name and image has nothing to do with me. The person who writes for Twic East Community-USA is Thon Garang (Twic Panda, Marol Diing Bol, and he lives in Michigan, United States. I had to do my own research to learn the real of the guy, and I had learned that he is my next neighbor in Twic East County (Lith Payam). He has great things that he is doing for the Twic East Community.

I have no idea why Twic Panda doesn’t use his real name when exchanging political opinions? He is the Editor in chief of, co-founder of Dr. John Garand Foundation, Mr. Marol DiingBol/Twic Panda is a guy best known for lethal attacks on people that disagree with him. He has great things that should bear his real name, and he should be credited for working for the interest of Twic East community, but he has to change writing anonymously and ought to change the way he conducts himself in public. Almost everyone who has Facebook account is fed up with news feeds from Marol Diing Bol.

The disclosure here should not be taken as a bad thing. It’s being done because Majur Deng Nhial and his informants within Twic East community in the USA who have been overcame by fear of unknown have to be paid with their own coins. It is called moral bankruptcy when grown up people, most of whom are in their early-40s decided to live their lives around gossips and lying in a broad daylight. Coming back to Twic Panda, mehn de Paanda, you have good ideas, have genuine reasons to educate people about the history of Twic people, but the way you put your words across is very troubling. There need to be a situation that call for your reaction. You seems to spend most of your times worrying about Twic’s identity being compromised, and you attacks people randomly.

Down the line, I have a message for your chairman, Wal Garang. Mr. President of the illegitimate Twic East Community-USA, you are very orthodox, and have given your never say anything opponents to have upper hands. If you recall what Torit’s Mutineers (1955) and Anyanya Movement (1965-1972) were fighting for, then you will have an idea what I’m referring to here. The main reason that Anyanya Movement failed terribly was because they didn’t have powerful Allies, and had no political strategies to forge Alliances with all the marginalized Sudanese in the SUDAN. A leader who does not control his subjects is deems to fail and his political agendas, no matter how genuine they are would never materialize.

You have a political platform that you have failed to use effectively, and you have wasted time on trivial things, all of which have been exploited by your opponents and for their political good. It is undeniable that your group have good intentions to serve interest of Twic East community abroad and at home, but people avoids you because you are not politically competent to mobilize Twic people in the United States. When the only main Hospital in Twic East County (Panyagor) caught fire, your Team raised money, but your opponents (The Twic East community’s legitimate group led by incompetent leaders) used it against you.

The press releases that your Press Secretary puts out to the news outlets have destroyed your good intentions and continues to create unrest among Twic’s citizens in the United States and around the Globe. The messages are not properly selected, choice of words is very poor, articles are published in websites that are affiliated with Riek Machar’s group, and there is no way that your group will capture attention of the Twic East Community in the United States. It is fair to say that lack of organization from your group has contributed to your supposedly genuine commitment being taken for granted. This short note pertaining to you is meant to inform Twic East citizens that Wal Garang and his Press Secretary (Twic Panda) have no affiliation with me. Please don’t contact me for I have other things to do. You can use my advices to change the way you presents yourself. Nothing less nothing more!

Reasons to inform Twic East Community Worldwide

Upon hearing my name being debated on the Facebook and across different social media, people were so surprised as to what I have done that called for such loud condemnation. To those whose hearts are not connected to their eyes and brains, there is a community called Twi/Twic East in the Republic of South Sudan, and there has always been an ethnic group called Twi/Twic Dinka/Jieeng among many subtribes of the Jieeng as a Tribe. If you were born in what is now Twic East County in Jonglei state, Republic of South Sudan, and your father belongs to one of the 16 clans found in the county, then you are a Twic Dinka. It is never a shame to say loudly that you are Muony Twic because you are Muony Twic and you will always be Muony Twic in your grave unless you officially registered in neighboring communities before your death.

I feel very ashamed to see members of my own community hiding behind anthill, not telling who they are when the world within their reach know who they are. For many centuries, Twi/Twic are known for telling the truth, and telling it under all circumstances. What is wrong with this generation of mine that has two faces? Where is that heart that work for peace among the different ethnic groups in South Sudan? Why does Twic East community in the United States remains very divided if people in the two camps are the future leaders of the Twic East Community? The Snitches who are spreading and authenticating lies must be exposed by Majur Deng Nhial of the Bor Globe Network. The only charge against me is walking majestically as Muony Twic, and no FOOL would do anything about it.

The Case is Actionable as Defamation

When a person purposefully and volitionally tried to tarnish another’s reputation, and by putting out nonfactual statement, written or spoken, and heard by one or two other people, this is called defamation. There are two main types of defamation: Libel and Slander. Libel is when a nonfactual statement have been written with the intention of tarnishing another’s reputation; and slander is when the same statement has been spoken to a third party with intention of damaging the targeted individual’s reputation. Majur Deng Nhial, you are a grown up person, educated in the United States of American, should have known that what you have done to my name is no near protected speech as your own illusion seems to direct you to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

You have lied to the world that you have done research, and found articles by Twic Panda or Marol DiingBol to be mine. What a coward Liar? You have purposefully defamed my reputation, and your response to my message that I put out to my friends on the Facebook shortly after learning of your ill writing proved that you genuinely believed that those whose press releases you have shared have no association with me.

Here is what Majur Deng Nhial said after seeing my initial reaction to his defamatory Article: “I do not care whether someone else writes it or not; I do care about your blog as a point of citation and reference under anonymity of I am ready to take responsibility as long as your blog is a reference. Why did anonymous writer reference your blog and you never spoke up if you were not an affiliate or writer? Both of you bear responsibility for those distributed defamatory articles until you turn in the people you think responsible. Why should I be ashamed of? What! Seeking Legal action? Go ahead if you dare enough.” Are you serious Majur Deng Nhial? You seems to be assuming that Guymon, Oklahoma is jungle like South Sudan!

Since your own ignorance has led you to take things out of order, and went ahead with publication of the article, you are hereby warn that Mayak Deng Aruei has a legal standing to litigate against you and Bor Globe Network.  Sir, the publication itself revealed that you intended to create insecurity in my name, called upon secret agents of the big names contained in those articles such that an alarm bell is rang. The community that entrusted you with their website should be ashamed of having a low to earth writer who cannot reflect on professionalism expected of journalists around the Globe. How can you possibly create a baseless accusation, went ahead with publication and mobilized mobs of losers who have lost their minds?

It would be wise to take down the goddamn article and write an APOLOGY immediately. The crowds that cheered your negative campaign on me are the kinds that we have in South Sudan. It is dumbfound to learn that another fellow South Sudanese is catching fire for reasons known to him and his gang of Liars. Majur Deng Nhial, you are King of lies, president of Liars and agent of destruction. The people like yourself are the ones destroying South Sudan, they are the kinds that work day and night to kill innocents who stands up against injustice, those who stands up for values that promote equality, respect for human dignity and equal protection of the law.

You will be known in the history of South Sudan as a self-proclaimed journalist who tried by all means to create a professional image from a blue sky. You have lived long enough to know how people starts wars on hear-says. When was the last time that you and I got into argument? I have repeatedly told my friends and relatives that I have only one Facebook account that I uses when socializing online. The whole world know me as one of the few South Sudanese who uses his real name online. The reason I uses my real name is very simple: I truly believe that my voice matters to South Sudanese, and I fear no heartless Thug who may be tempted to spy on my life for speaking the truth.

In concluding remarks, this article is a response to what Majur Deng Nhial wrote a week ago, connecting me with those of Wal Garang, Twic Panda (MarolDiingBol, Garang the Truth). The whole shitterature was taken out of context by the faceless readers who cannot judge for themselves. Lies are never news and should never be given attention. It took me that long to response to Majur Deng Nhial’s baseless accusations because I had to spend time with my family. The person responsible for those defamatory articles as you alleged has been identified, and you should turn in those Snitches who thinks they have anything against me. Only a lone and CRAZY Bigot like Majur Deng Nhial would skip family’s time and chase wild rumors.

The Response was written by Mayak Deng Aruei, a 3rd Year Doctoral student (Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership: Organizational Development). He holds an Associate of Science in Legal Assistant, BA in Sociology & Philosophy: concentration in Criminal Justice, MA in Legal Studies, and also pursuing Bachelors of Laws (LLB) with the University of London. He can be reached at

7 thoughts on “Shredding Lies and Fabrications: A Response to Baseless Accusations by Majur Deng Nhial of Bor Globe Network

  1. Wow, doctoral candidate’s writing!
    You said in one of your writings that you don’t write like a third grader Mayak Deng Aruei. However, your writing might not be of third grader, but it sure fails of doctoral candidate’s scholarly writing. It is very troubling for someone with many degrees you have mentioned to write an article littered with simple subject-verb-agreement mistakes.
    It brings into question the degrees you have obtained and the colleges you have attended or you are attending now. I have only bachelor’s degree, but I could not write such a grammar-mistake-inundated work.

    Below are some of only a few grammatical mistakes from your writing. And there are a lot of them. In parentheses/brackets are correct ways to write ’em (them)

    The whole shitterature(literature)
    Majur Deng Nhial and his informants within Twic East community in the USA who have been overcame(overcome)
    A leader who does not control his subjects is deems(deemed)
    but people avoids(avoid) you
    It is undeniable that your group have(has)
    you attacks(attack) people randomly
    You seems(seem) to spend most of your times worrying about
    they are the kinds that work day and night to kill innocents who stands(stand) up against
    those who stands(stand) up for values
    how people starts(start) wars
    account that I uses(uses) when socializing online
    The whole world know(knows) me
    It is dumbfound to learn

    Under no circumstance would a PhD candidate Say: I uses and people avoids. Period.
    May God help South Sudan if this is the glance of next South Sudanese universities’ lecturers/professors.

    1. Thon Mayen,
      Grammar Aside, our focus is the message. If you focus on grammar, then people will loose sight of the main problem under discussion here. Yes, there are mistake but who cares, so as long as the message is understood. You are opening the door for a competition that is not winnable! “May God help South Sudan if this is the glance of next South Sudanese universities’ lecturers/professors.” Leave Professor and Phd holders alone for they may put you under a microscope too.

      Mayak’s writing sounds like some of the press releases publish on Twi website.
      There are certain words that appear in each press release overtime. They are appearing in his writing as well. Is this coincidence or what? These words are:
      Undeniable, upper hand, Opponent and mixing of Dinka and English at the same time. Mayak denies being one of the writers on Twi website but he praises the writers at the same time. He blames them for having not done enough. The blames is now on Thon Garang. We need to find out if he really exists in Michigan and he has to tell the public whether he writes on behalf of Twi or for himself? We doubt this. Mayak sounds aggressive in the above writing as Majur correctly said in the article where his identity was exposed.
      The article publish about Mayak should not be deleted until every press release on the Twi website is deleted. Failure to do so will prompt the Bor youth to come up with a solution that will reciprocate if Twi community don’t put a leash on their outlaws.

  2. Mayak: you did not answered charges that you own http://www.twicworld and articles containing hate speech directed toward bor county politicians are release from it.But you go ahead and write a hate speech against majur,twi panda ,twice east community -USA and what you called legitimate twice east.

  3. Mayak, I thought you would have to be distanced and honest to yourselves from this mess. Your reaction against Majur Deng is so harsh than those of troublemakers. If you have had paper in law and criminal justice, I urge you to come down and make a better judgement about your concern rather than attacking Majur Deng sharply. Study the origin of pollution or fire and come down to blame. Personally, if Majur did not mentioned your names, those witch would have not been known to the community. If you are not part of these characters, you need to be clear and sincere in your writing about these evil thoughts. Mayak, you played great role in this mess up of our community. Thank you for that contribution by giving their names out. Members of Bor county need to control it down as simple issue.

  4. Agany Marial Nyang,

    The reason I highlighted Mayak Deng Aruei’s grammatical mistakes was because he said in his first response to Majur that there was no way he could have written in a third grade English. However, his supposedly non-third-grader English that would have differentiated him from those who have written anonymous articles or letters attacking Bor County is nowhere to be found. The writing resembles the anonymous press releases! Nothing exculpates Mayak Deng Aruei in his response to Majur Deng’s article implicating him in those anonymous press releases attacking Bor County and its elders other then going on a rampage personally attacking Majur Deng. Mentioning Wal Garang, Marol Diing Bol, and Thuch Garang has not exonerated Mayak Deng Aruei. He attacked Bor Community/County. And he even had the audacity to attack the Bor Community by going as far as telling us we should be ashamed of ourselves for entrusting Bor Globe to Majur Deng. There is nothing shameful then having a Community silently watch there loose dogs and degenerates viciously attack another Community without saying a single word. It makes people think that it is a Twi Community sanctioned state of affairs. The way Mayak Deng Aruei attacked Majur Deng Nhial shows that he (Majur) has struck a nerve by exposing him. His response has not helped him at all, but shows that he is one of those individuals.
    Until he provides strong evidence, not by telling us only about Wal, Marol, Thuch etc., distancing him from the gentlemen he mentioned and their press releases, he will be held account by Bor Community.

    Do your Twi emancipation in the USA and on the internet, but do not throw insults at Bor Community and its elders. You might start a war you would not lead your attackers to.

    As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, ” In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    Twi Community has been silent for a long time while their deranged individuals attack the whole Bor County/Community

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