Row over rebel troops threatens South Sudan’s

Disagreement over deployment of rebel forces could see renewed fighting, leader says

By Parach Mach,  Anadolu Agency

JUBA, South Sudan

thumbs_b_c_9fa3653f1d6855b0fdb9b8c5f56d79f0A week after South Sudan formed a transitional government in a move to end the country’s two-year civil war, cracks are already starting to appear in the fragile peace.
A failure to agree on the disposition of rebel troops in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal regions has prompted warnings of a collapse of the peace deal cemented by the return of rebel leader Riek Machar to the capital Juba last week.
Ramadan Hassan Lako, a senior member of Machar’s faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, said the government’s refusal to recognize rebel forces in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal threatened August’s peace agreement.
“Peace may collapse on this issue if the government continues to deny the presence of our forces in Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal,” he told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.
“The government rejection will mean the continuation of the war.”
Laku accused government troops loyal to President Salva Kiir of recent violations of the cease-fire.
Meanwhile, Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth warned that any troops involved in continued fighting would be considered bandits.
“The government position is that these people are not included in the agreement,” he told Anadolu Agency.
According to Jok Madut Jok, co-founder of the Sudd Institute, numerous rebel groups across the country have pledged to continue fighting the government.
“The [peace] agreement calls for the cantonment of hundreds of thousands of fighting men and women, from which the national army will be formed over the next three years,” he said.
“How will the government pay, house, feed, train and equip all these fighters? To commit to paying them means giving all the country’s available resources to this task and nothing else. Failure to do so will risk further rebellion. So, which way is the transitional government likely to take? And with little change of strategy, history is bound to repeat itself.”
Edmund Yakani, executive director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, said political instability would trigger insecurity and violence.
“The instability that is observed in some parts of Equatoria is the result of the misbehavior of the government military to the citizens,” he said. “The key misbehaviors are looting of civilians’ food and property and the killing of civilians.”
He called on both sides in the transitional government to fully commit to implementing the peace deal.
South Sudan’s civil war was sparked in December 2013 when Kiir accused his deputy Machar of plotting a coup. The conflict saw hundreds of thousands killed and more than 3 million displaced.

5 thoughts on “Row over rebel troops threatens South Sudan’s

  1. “Row over rebel troops threatens South Sudan’s”

    Where are the bases of these rebel fools in Western Equatoria, the whole of Bhar El Gazalles region, Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Boma state, most part of Upper Nile, save some pockets of Unity state, Akoba and Pagak.

    The fools must remain where they are until they are legally screened and integrated, but should they want to play games, they we will bomb them again, and no one will again dare listen to their evil corporate America, the UK and their UN sponsors bullshit.

    These rebels are being sponsored by the CIA and MI6 etc to wreck havoc in our country. Just like the CIA, MI6 and other western agent creeps have destroyed Libya, Burundi, Syria, Ukraine etc. But the fools are playing with fire. We know their sponsors and we are keeping an eye on them very closely. No one wants their bullshits with their evil corporate America, the UK and their UN sponsors again.

    We are only waiting to get rid of their Riek Machar sociopath, round up the fools and disarmed them, and kill some of them with everything to do with the evil corporate America, the UK , their UN and throw them into the Nile to show the fools the contempt we have towards them and their sponsors.

    We told them before that we forgive the Nuers foot soldiers for the sake of peace, but their Riek Machar demigod, no, that is not going to happen again.

    These fools often talk of war, but when the war is taken to their bases, then they cry foul that the government doesn’t want peace and is killing its own people. This is the same song that was sang by the then so-called “free Libyan Army, and now free Syrian Army”. Now look, where the Libya, Syria and Ukraine are.

    Fellows, be very very careful with the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. We are ready to sacrifice another million men in our country against the evils we have now found out. Are the evil corporate America, the English, their UN and their evil juus. They called their evil selves to have created (mid wifed) the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, hence South Sudan would be an evil corporate America and Europeans oversea protectorate. And the South Sudanese people would be the evil corporate America, English, their UN and their UN’s subjects.

    Good luck to them though.

  2. What is the specific issue the hardliners in the old government worry about? Mostly when an obscure reason is proffered, the motives behind it are eqally obscure. It appears the more obvious issue of refusing to accept the very forces the “old government” try to kill inspite of the signed peace agreement even now in May 2016 is to gain . a strategic advantage. And what would this advantage then be?
    Well forcing the opposition troups to seek safety far far away from Juba instead of near their homes.
    The government has no money anyway to pay so this argument does not hold water.
    Isnt’t then the real reason that thepresence of opposition forces would prevent the old hardliners to continue their landgrabbing and genocide? to continue to destroy the breadbasket of Equatoria even further. Murky men with murky and dangerous hidden agendas. Hopefully JMEC UNMISS AU IGAD and the internation as l community sees through the convoluted retotic of Mr Lueth, and drive the implementation of the peace agreement hone to those who want evil destruction and death.

    Don’t let something so silly destroy the only chance for peace. Realize and debate the real issue openly Mr Kiir, you signed the peace agreement. Now do the honorable thing to implement it to the letter also.

  3. In my last article published by South Sudan Nation Web Site,titled, Dr. Riek’s delayed Return to Juba: A prelude to resumption of War and Declaration of a Parallel Government in South Sudan, I mentioned that the Government lacks political will and commitment to implement peace and that even if it comes under intensive international pressure to allow the return of Dr. Riek, it would still put further impediments in the way of implementation. It exactly what it is doing now as evidenced in: Appointment of 10 presidential advisers, dragging feet to cancel the controversial 28 States, continued anti peace rhetoric by element of the Kiir’s wing the most recent being Kiir speech during swearing-in ceremony of advisers and threats directed and the 1st VP detail that makes him a prisoner at his home to avoid violent confrontation. Honestly speaking the two parties are headed to renewed deadly conflict very soon.

  4. Western Equatoria was known as the peaceful place at the time of North-South Sudan civil war, and now they are driving themselves into that destruction and life lost for no reasons. I see there is no a serious problem threatening their lives and freedom but the strong desire of fighting to talk about as the playing game. Instead of farming, they want to fight the war for no causes. When was the country became independent, and they become to lost their patience for the change of government. These issues of bandit in Western and other parts of Equatoria should be handle by Equatorians authorities starting from locals level to the Greater Equatoria states level. Those people who are engaged in bandit along roadsides are known by the locals in the specific areas. So local governments are the right authorities to deal with them, and that is where unrest in Equatoria will be brought to control.

  5. Justice and freedom fighter Ramadan Hassan Lako has said the truth. There must be CANTONOMENT BASIS IN ALL OVER EQUATORIA. When the government was killing citizens in WONDURUBA they say there are IO there. Why accepting at that time and deny it now?

    People are not after regime change but true representation in this governement. Let everybody know that the war for the liberation of South Sudan was mainly fought in Equatoria and why do any person think than Equatorians can simply allow themselves go without the share of the piece of the cake. If someone outside there think so, then he or she is decieving himselvelf or herself. We must have equal representation in the army which is now the main and popular trade mark with the present situation in South Sudan. Without this, we equatorians believe our land will be grabbed beyond repair.

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