Riak Machar lives as South Sudan’s greatest tragedy

By:  John Bith Aliap – Australia

After fearfully skipping several trips to Juba, Machar finally hit the highly militarised Juba International Airport yesterday in the afternoon. He was then rushed to J1 presidential palace, with a sheen of sweat coving every inch of his body and hurriedly sworn in as Kiir’s First Vice President.
As he now sips tea in his rebels’ capital Jebel Kujur, working out his next war strategies, the people of South Sudan are left scratching their heads, eager to know what Machar holds for them this time. But his supporters think otherwise. Machar’s stay in Juba would make their wretched land find peace at last.
But Machar’s loyalists fail to figure out that their boss has been the most important factor why war lingers in South Sudan for decades. When one war ends, he creates another. Machar waged a vicious war against the SPLM/A in 1991 largely because he was not in charge of it. His Nuer tribal mates drifted away with him when he stormed off from the SPLM/A’s liberation van wagon largely out of tribal loyalty.
His western in – laws – particularly British, and his historical ally Khartoum’s regime which butchered 2.5 millions South Sudanese supplied him with cash, missiles and manpower.
Viewed by South Sudanese as a global champion of liars, Machar tells his supporters whatever they want to hear. When he seeks military support from the internationally indicted Sudanese’ president Omer el Bashir, he tells him that he regrets the split of Sudan and his movement envisions reunification. He whispers in Bashir’s ears that he’ll reunite the two Sudans [North & South] when he ousts Kiir’s government.
To his Ethiopian allies, he bills himself as a bridge between Ethiopia and South Sudan and Ethiopians will freely roam South Sudan when he sails to power in J1 presidential palace in Juba. When wooing support from the west, he pretends to be fan of democracy and human rights despite his track records of mass murdering available on the internet. To his fellow members of Nuer Community, he presents himself as a king who would restore their ancient glory and drive the Dinka tribe which he frequently blames for his usual madness into the sea.
Riak Machar perfectly fits definition of a traitor. He spent a better part of his life running between foreign capitals – preaching the war against his own people while organising his tribal warlords into revolutionary cells.
Machar was popular when he caused mayhem to people’s movement, the SPLM/A  in 1991, but now his  popularity seems to be  at its lowest level as his tactics grow vicious. In both wars – 1991 & 2013, Machar ordered his tribal militia to plant millions of mines in South Sudan’s fertile soil, raze down non-Nuer villages, rape non-Nuer women, loot non – Nuer livestocks, drive hordes of refugees away from their ancestral lands so they can become burden to the government and the international community.
As he now enjoys himself in Juba, a city he fleet two years ago like a beheaded chicken,  Machar’s officers whom he accused of power grab and other minor crimes when he was in the bush are now stilling lingering in his bush’s prisons.  Fearing that some of his officers might push him at bay from power, Machar showed them his brutality by having them killed. Others accused of attempting to pinch off Ngundeng’s rode – a rode of Nuer’s prophet who centuries ago allegedly prophesied his rein to power have been thrown into his unlawfully  bush’s prisons – deep pits, sealed with logs and earth, pitch black and inescapable.
With Machar back to Juba, South Sudanese should be reminded that Riak Machar’s war appetite isn’t yet over. He lives his life as a traitor, tribal warlord, despoiler, mass murderer, South Sudanese’ greatest tragedy who wields knife and gun his hands.

John Bith Aliap is an Australia-based political commentator and can be reached at Johnaliap2011@hotmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Riak Machar lives as South Sudan’s greatest tragedy

  1. Mr. Bith, You are unleashing your wrath on Riek while the people of South Sudan patiently waits for the formation of TGoNU and subsequent implementation of the remaining provisions of the agreement so as to close the chapter of war and begin a new era of peace and development in the country. Human rights violations and crimes committed against humanity will be taken care of by appropriate institutions as provided for in the agreement. It is people like us who went through this unfortunate war and lost all that they had who should be bitter and not people like you living thousands of miles away.Not Riek alone who is the killer as you put it but the massacres of 15th -18th December 2013 is blamed on President Kiir and his government. Please give peace a chance and refrain from instigating violence.

  2. Mr Bith,
    One hopes he doesn’t delay the battle he has planned code named Juba 2.
    May the roof come down on him!!!

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