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By Alier Mach Deng

Alier Mach Deng
Alier Mach Deng

Instead of emphatically saying give us our land to live, grow and prosper, Dr. Riek, G10 and supporters are advocating for UN trusteeship and any form of apocalyptic intervention that would cause their ascension to power. The target is Dinka except those who have bought their freedom through collaboration and betrayal; Princeton Lyman article strategically outlines the mechanisms/methods/tools that will be used to ultimately purge every Dinka on this earth who does not toe G10 and Dr. Riek.
If you understand trusteeship in Mercantile Law/Commercial Law/Business Law/Bankruptcy law, you will never opt for it and it’s unfathomable for these guys to contemplate something that will affect the current and the future generations; the good news is that the idea will never see the light of the day. UN trusteeship is like sourcing for a surrogate to sire on your behalf. Regardless of what has been happening in our government since 2005; we are not barren or impotent. You see how deceptive and manipulative UN trusteeship advocates are; they employ words like South Sudan Reborn and UNTA (United Nations Temporary Authority).South Sudan will never be under UN trusteeship not even for nanosecond (N)- UNNA- United Nations Nanosecond Authority. So whether it’s nanosecond or temporary for 15-20 years as Lyman clearly put it in his article; it’s unacceptable and will be fiercely resisted.
Furthermore, G10 and Dr. Riek supporters are well aware that it’s extremely shameful and embarrassing and that’s why they made utterances and accuses that Dr. Majak was in Africa. Does it matter where he is? His tweets and interviews tell a different story. The same happened when the leadership of Emmanuel Church invited Dr. Riek Machar to Emmanuel Parish Church; Makeer Kuol alleged that our Bishop Dr. Deng Bul cordially invited Dr. Riek to the church. The response from G10 and Dr. Riek supporters was that Dr. Deng Bul was out of the country in Italy. Individuals and communities have a right to choose their own path the way they see it fit; but we must be proud of that path; own it, so we must be accountable and responsible for that path we choose instead of being ambivalent and ashamed of it.
When they arrested Dr. Majak, I thought it was a political smear and witch-hunting. Frankly, there was no tangible evidence to prove his arrest but given his utterances, conduct, interviews, and his tweets including on Emmanuel Church saga dismissing the protesters at the church as hooligans, I have begun to consider his arrest as persuasive.
I have seen/heard statesmen and patriots in neighboring countries and other parts of the world advocating for reforms, change and revolution/fight/coup without resorting to handing over the country to UN or any foreign entity; these elements have just set a bad precedent never heard before in the history; it’s indeed an aberration. For instance, no one has suffered like Kizza of Uganda; Raila Odinga of Kenya, Tom Mboya, Turabi and numerous others.G10  and Dr. Riek have not even tried to fight for two years before selling the country to foreigners! South Sudanese politicians are astounding and that’s why we will always be despised in the region with our oil, strengths, opportunities and unique capabilities. I have been forced to lean toward the funniest diplomat I have ever seen, Gordon Buay; the way he writes makes politics and what is happening in South Sudan interesting including this.
“I have closed Pagan and Dr. Majak’s files.” The decision of UNSC was received with euphoria from the doom and gloom brigade of Dr. Riek, G10 and their supporters; every time a resolution is passed by IGAD, UNSC or any piece of agreement is signed by President Salva and Dr. Riek, there’s that usual jubilation but that elation has always turned into animosity and bitterness; the joy will be like previous ones. Let it be known our country will never be invaded and that’s very clear in international law which is conveniently dependent on the West. UN and US Ambassador to UN, Samantha Power, passed the same resolution regarding President of Burundi, Nkurunzinza, he stood his ground and promised to hit them hard and the UN capitulated. Samantha Power even went and met the president; he affirmed to her that they were unwanted.
I love the way the govt of South Sudan is managing this issue. They should not be intimidated and coerced because the consequences of invading us are dire and grave; there will be reprisal attacks against the invaders, individuals and communities. The government should not change its position at all; that’s the right course. If there is no UN, we will develop very fast; let the UN leaves the country. The threats from UN, IGAD, G10 and Dr. Riek, are just empty as that resolution passed against the govt and the people of Burundi.
Look at Yemen, Al Houthi, a group of Shiite Muslims who are farmers took up arms against the US and Saudi backed govt and managed to oust the govt .They were crudely and poorly armed but they were able to capture the president, president’s brother and put the president on arrest with his Cabinet Ministers.
The UN desperately initiated a negotiation and when Al Houthi released the detained president, the UN walked away from the deal and supported the activities of the released detained president and his cabinet in order to defeat Al Houthi. Saudia Arabia and the Gulf Countries met in Egypt to deliberate on the situation in that country. As a result of that deliberation, Saudia Arabia and other countries invaded Yemen in the air and Al Houthi fought back and even launched incursions into the Kingdom killing several soldiers and civilians in Saudi territory. Consequently, US.,  Saudia Arabia and other countries lobbied UN and sanctions were imposed on Al Houthi including Arms Embargo but Al Houthi is still in control while the former president , Al manzour, is still seeking refuge in Riyah, Saudia Arabia; they are still in control as of now despite the air power from Saudis, Sudan and Gulf nations and with support from the US.
The govt should just focus on implementing the peace agreement and serve the people and be in a posture of protecting South Sudanese from external and internal aggression should any entity dare to intrude on our soil. Gen. Paul Malong and Gen. Kuol are doing that perfectly and responsibly; the people of South Sudan will prevail.
We are very fortunate to have our internationally acclaimed lawyer, Mr. Makuei Lueth, he will scrutinize every document and respond to it befittingly; law has its own language. You are our Prof. Githu Muigai, George Oraro, Kharim Khan, Martha Karua, Willy Mutunga and other prominent Kenya lawyers who have always shown exception in challenging high profile cases including ICC, US and UN; you are South Sudanese John Michuki! Your patriotism, nationalism and statesmanship are beyond reproach.
We should have the heart of some of the Lost boys and Lost girls in the US, Canada, Australia; they lobbied for the independence of our country. After the independence most of them did not directly derive any tangible benefit but they have been at ease and contented in seeing their relatives and countrymen relatively living, growing and prospering in our homeland.
Since the outset of the crisis, they have remained level-headed, constructive, patriotic , helpful, reliable and selfless as it was in 2000 despite disappointments from our leaders. If South Sudan was for sale, they would have sold it owing to their extensive connections and familiarity with the system in the West; it was only this year when Obama recognized the Lost Boys by praising their contributions and what they went through. George Bush met with them this year at Bush Institute so if they were narcissistic and envious they would have sold this country before those of G10 could step in America  and in the same token, Dr. Garang would have sold it before the Lost Boys.
This sense of nationalism, patriotism and selflessness demonstrated by the Lost boys across the globe is what should guide our politicians who see UN as a panacea and you will be woefully shocked .Patriotism is not a function of benefits derived from the state; it’s absolute; so there’s no justification whatsoever for the UN trusteeship.
May God bless the vulnerable people of South Sudan who have no means to flee to neighboring countries and even gain residency in the West. You will never walk alone; for the govt and the SPLA are with you in this battle of state and statelessness.


  1. This is a well researched article which correctly focuses on the past, the present, the future and consequential results, shameful to UN loosing its real responsibility under the UN Charter of nations: “World Peace and Security.”

    The UN mission should, in relation to any member state, possess the facts of crisis on the ground. Truly the UN, in case of the Republic of South Sudan’s crisis, is being misguided by the US and disgruntled politicians, G10 and Dr. Riek, a group that had been in the government from 2005 to 2013. They were responsible for the mismanagement of public affairs in South Sudan. They caused insecurity and war, simply because President Salva dismissed them, on 27 July 2013, charging them of corruption/self-enrichment and conspiracy to overthrow democratically elected government.

    The US must clearly understand that the Liberators, Dr.John and Salva Kiir were voluntarily, national (Southern Sudan) liberators and not Dinka liberators. And that Dr. Riek and Lam were against the liberation.

    US bullying of Africa is clear and South Sudan have the Answer!!!

    MP, Juba

  2. Mr. Deng,

    Well said brother. Only a handful had gone through what Rail Odinga went through as a politician. But despite the political setbacks, Mr. Odinga had demonstrated leadership to Kenyans beyond doubt. Kenya would have gone down the path of Syria, Yemen and Somalia if it was not because of Mr. Odinga love of his nation. I never thought that Mr. Majak and Pagan would ever betray South Sudan let alone selling it to the world’s known evils. To my naivety, I envisioned both Majak and Pagan as promising leaders in our country, but it just turned out their true colors were not known, and now they exposed their hidden identity just because they are no longer part of the government. I want to remind them that the Dinka people whom they sold out will not bend to any force just like we had not done during the war for liberation.

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