Mayak do not whine, bear responsibility

 I just learned that somebody is using my name & photo to make a name for himself. To the readers of that coined up Article, I have not written any article. Whoever is using my name & photo for the Article I saw circulating online must take some responsibilities for it. This is a serious legal issue, & will be dealt with accordingly. Why would someone defame another person in such manner? When did I start writing in a third grade level? Even my own son who is in Primary 7 would not write like that. Shame on the Author!!!

‪#‎Defamation_is_being‬ considered!

Majur Deng Nhial
I do not care whether someone else writes it or not; I do care about your blog as a point of citation and reference under anonymity of I am ready to take responsibility as long as your blog is a reference. Why did anonymous writer reference your blog and you never spoke up if you were not an affiliate or writer?  Both of you bear responsibility for those distributed defamatory articles until you turn in the people you think responsible. Why should I be ashamed of?
What! Seeking Legal action?  Go ahead if you dare enough.


Sam Kuany
Sam Kuany Don’t let those folks stress you out before your family is here bro !.. i known you able to speak openly than to hided your identity. Like i said, the computer ip will reveal the person’s. You shouldn’t be worry that much. I have read the article. The author’s seems to have low knowledge though about the community he had tried to disparaged.
Majur Deng Nhial
Please, Samuel Riak Kuany stay away!  You are attacking me sir.  I dearly warn you.

One thought on “Mayak do not whine, bear responsibility

  1. Although I think highly of you, as in with all due respect, you have really warned me molen for no good reason. The community has been tarnished in that article. You know I don’t condone politic that disparage others community. Molen, you owed me an apologize.

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