Kijana Majok Piel

Let Reform what we made and own by us is a solution to ageing generation of Bor Youth Association in Australia (BYAA) with leadership ambitions

Kijana Majok Piel
Kijana Majok Piel

For the last 15 years, South Sudanese community in Australia had that privileges for established 817 registered organisations in which most objectives remains how to bring development and prosperities back home in the Republic of South Sudan and in Australia where they live. I believed and still believes any community successes are shape by type of people in the community and their approaches for their define community to reach to the next level of human dignity dream by all mankind. In due recognition Dinka Bor community in Australia in my perception unlike others South Sudanese communities in Australia is well known progressive community in term of social-economic and political engagement since the emergence of BYAA.
Like others South Sudanese association in Australia, BYAA is Non-profit organisation aiming to support settlement of Bor people in Australia, provide advocacy services, identify resources/activities to meet community needs, provide opportunities for Bor youth to participate in the community and recreational activities, promote traditional arts and dance, promote education of young people from Bor to understand Australian laws and cultures, promote healthy lifestyles, promote gender equality within the community, develop programs to support humanitarian assistance and redevelopment of the Bor Region of South Sudan.
History indicate, BYAA was established in 2004 with two main mission’ Bor development and promotion of Dinka Bor cultural values and norms for public consumption by Dinka Bor-Australians youths in multicultural society. I am optimistic although it took long, BYAA objectives are likely to be achieve because of community economic and social positiveness. However leadership ambition among members remain constraint for the last 12 years and considerably hindering development and progressive achievement of BYAA purposes.
Realistically I believe in Australia there is no other South Sudanese community with economic capability which can generate more then 10 000 dollars a day toward it development programs not to put in a popular politics. It is fact of day Dinka Bor community in Australia in a good faith is an economic resilient community but members’ leadership ambition remains undeniable challenge. However Question remain whom does BYAA constitution recognise and amendment need for inclusiveness to answer leadership ambition of ageing members?
First and foremost BYAA was established by Dinka Bor people in Australia both men and women, boys and girls as constitution and it convention outline. In simplicity BYAA constitution recognised, a financial member will be ( not a must ) 18 years to 45 years based on Twenty Century age group considered by United Nation ( UN ) which does reflect age group in Australia where BYAA is host. In due recognition Dinka Bor community since establishment of BYAA is govern at three level, the Payam Level (Kolnyang, Anyidi, Makuach, Baidit and Jalle. Considerably at this level, each Payam is responsible for organise social activities and generating funding toward it Payam projects to benefits it members back home in the Republic of South Sudan and Australia in it capacity.

Secondly state level and to mentions few: Bor community in Victoria, Bor County Association in South Australia, Bor County Association in Queensland, Bor Community in Western Australia, and Bor County Association in New South Whale (NEW). Noticeably those mentioned states Associations were established in different perspective influenced by different factors’. I believe States Bor community/ county associations unlike BYAA were either formed by interest groups or out of conflict within the so call Greater Bor Community that reflected modern Bor County, Twi East County and Duk County where there is need for social and political shopping. For example Bor County Association in Queensland was formed after collapsed of so Greater Bor community in Queensland.
Another condition not to be ignore, social and political changes in Republic of South Sudan contribute for formation of many unnecessary associations. For example the political structure of former Bor district (Bor South, Bor Central and Bor North) in to Bor County, Twi East and Duk County had motivated individuals to consider those naming like Bor County.
However in reality there is no Bor county area in Australia apart Dinka Bor people and having Bor County Association in Australia sound uncivilized. In simplicity BYAA is overall legal organisation of Dinka Bor in Australia which just need a reform to meet ambition of ageing generation to contribute positively and efficiently toward Bor community future if they shy away to work as youths. As in my view and with community I love and proud, BYAA reform should be prioritise then eyeing formation of another association since it was made by us and own by us.
In straightforwardness an amendment of constitution BYAA require by dropping age group from 18-45 years old as financial member to reflect Australia age grouping in which a youth is a person under 25 years old is what require by BYAA members in Australia. In addition removable   of “Convention” that considered anyone born Bor as BYAA member then wake up middle of night in one own house and claim that I am ageing now therefore, we need to form Bor community in Australia. On the other hand and most importantly BYAA can be easily reform by dropping Y letter to C as Bor community in Australia (BCA). In the above perspective Bor community in Australia will have Youth Welfare office to look after youths activities and Women Welfare office as well for Bor Community in Australia to remain solid then having factions of unnecessary associations aiming for the same objectives.
I believed and still believe BYAA reform is great for unity of Bor community in Australia then individuals or coalition of willing to form different Association in the name of Bor community. For instance, in term of financial, Dinka Bor community members will not affords to finance two different Association unless there is a feeling to destroy BYAA intentionally. Likewise Leadership competitiveness can marry any other organisation form at federal to bring Dinka Bor in Australia together as activities which will be carryout by any new association call it Bor community or County association will clash with BYAA activities hence conflicts of interest between the leaderships will emerge and can lead to down fall of both associations.
In conclusion, let reform what made by us and own by us for success, since forming with less achievement remain uncivilised and soundless in Dinka Bor community whether back home in the Republic of South Sudan or Australia. I am honoured, Dinka Bor community in Australia is a stable community with BYAA as organisation of let do they work to achieve our objectives.

Kijana Majok Piel,
South Sudan government self-claimed Social and Political activist and
BYAA current Leader.
Melbourne Australia.

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