Illustrative image by Former Bor County Commissioner Maker Lual Kuol


By Daniel Mabior Achiek Chaw

Illustrative image by Former Bor County Commissioner Maker Lual Kuol
Illustrative image by Former Bor County Commissioner Maker Lual Kuol

Dear citizens of Greater Bor Community and friends in Diaspora, I’m so honored to inform you that I had a chance to revisit South Sudan three months ago. Then, I safely came back to the USA. During my three months staying in Bor town, I had a chance to visit a cemetery (graveyard), where our loved ones and 2013/14 innocent victims of Bor massacre are buried. Unbelievably, they bodies of deceased were simply put to rest in the ground and left with no further proper attention and caring.
Besides, those at St. Andrew cathedral church of leudier, there are four big mass graves at Bor Cemetery, which are now on the complete process of sinking and leveling by winds and water. Unfortunately, the process that should be termed, an agent indirectly deployed by our enemy to destroy evidences and painful historic sites. No doubt, it is in the interest of our enemy to see these graves vanished completely.
Burying the deceased of 2013/14 Bor massacre in four big Mass graves and leaving them sinking and leveling in our watch is a destroying of evidences of living history for our country and the world to guide the posterity. We will regret it in life if it happens that way. We have to take action as a wise man once observed “out of sight, out of mind.” Anyone who holds dearly in heart these innocent victims must do something to honor them and keep their memories alive. Otherwise, It would be by no means different from the 1991 Bor massacre whereby nobody were buried. It would also be like somebody who has been serious harms, destroyed his/her own evidences and proves of evidences unknowingly and then go to the court of law with the expectation to win the case. Nevertheless, he/she lost a case against his/her dependent because of no viable evidences of the claim.
During my visit to the site, I took the pictures and recorded a video. Please go to my face book wall and watch the video. Ask yourself whether you should afford to lose this emotional historic site because of finances. I know we have unshakable courage, love and faith to serve our people dead or alive. We care for the dead and the living. We give and receive.  Therefore; we ought to raise funds and build these graves before they disappear.
How much money should be raised to finish the project? I had tried to hire designer to design and to estimate the cost of building the graves, but I didn’t had enough money.
My own estimation should be 28-30 thousands US dollars because the graves are long and the building materials are transported from Juba. Please see a table below.

Grave Width by length
1. 6 x 15
2. 4 x 36
3. 5 x 36
4. 6 x 26

What are the strategies you use to raise the money? I’m kindly asking individuals and organizations of the greater Bor community (Jonglei State) to willingly commit their financial supports to this project. I’m also asking our friends and the people of goodwill to contribute to this project.
Remember, no one can do this for us. One dollar can make a difference.  Please take a moment, think about this message and share it with at least one or more. Volunteering your time and collect the money from the people around you and send them to our team of strong trusted and steady committed people from the three counties of Greater Bor community composed of members from the U.S.A, Canada, and Australia. This team will help raise and collect the money from those who have already collected them. The team will make sure the money is used for the intended purpose.
So, please your timely contribution is highly expected or you will be contacted by the team members anytime possible. If you want to remit your contribution now, question, comment, need a clarification, and/or willing to volunteer your time on this project.  Please contact the following people

  1. Daniel Mabior Achiek Chau, 701-205-7806/email (U.S.A)
  2. Lual Daau Lual, 248-830-5024 / email (U.S.A)
  3. Rev Paul Mator Manyok, 615-300-1977/ email (U.S.A)
  4. Thon Guguei Duot, 817-995-7860/ email (U.S.A)
  5. Reech Madit Reech 780-667-9119/ email (Canada)
  6. John Mach Anai 587-778-6860 ( Canada)
    7. Aluel Wal Atem (Canada). Her phone number is 403-475-8456.

We are still communicating with our people in Australia

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