Alier Mach Deng


Alier Mach Deng
Alier Mach Deng

The sanctity of UN facilities always evoked by this obsequious stooge,Ban Kimoon, and other obstreperous obfuscators is two-way traffic.If this principle was actually applied impartially, then the recent deaths perpetrated by the elements of rebels harboured by United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in their premises, would never have occurred.UN is blatantly behaving provocatively and irresponsibly and therefore, the government must not relent in reminding them of their sole core mandate.

I am acutely aware of the excruciating pain and immense suffering of those Dinkas who have been losing their loved ones on roads and the persistent nature of these daily losses is unacceptable.Additionally, such murders are exacerbated by incitement and hateful literature from our own people who favour the alternative to the current coterie. Other tribes are feeding on such pieces.
There are people who desperately wish citizens will make a catastrophic mistake of taking to the streets but our people are brilliant than that and can’t be duped into such suggestions.Demonstrators against UN or any meddling will be taunted or seen as hypocrites but there will never be uprising against this govt despite the fact that it has delivered hell to the citizens. The uprising will only occur when those who foment it show up first! This government is better than the alternative.The current economic and security situation is the derivative of irresponsible opposition.
However, I implore Dinka to act with restraint and channel their anger and frustration to the government.
The government would be in a better position to avenge such goriest murders and probably deter future attacks on our roads.Any retribution against innocent Equatorians, Nuers and others is as unacceptable as the incessant murders because that would be counterproductive. And such potential miscalculations are exactly what UNMISS, rebels want to seize on and so we must guard against potential revenge killings.
Dinka wins because it exclusively entrenches laws of wars and rules of engagement even in dire situations in battles regardless of enemy behaving contrary. I cannot put myself in the shoes of those who lost their loved ones but the stakes are high here and we must stifle our anger and frustration. A Chinese proverb explains this better, “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape days of sorrow.” UN, IO and G10 are baiting the Government of South Sudan and its people.Furthermore, those who wish us ill could learn from our compassion and refrain from generalizing the whole tribe as bad.No statement speaks to that than this wise saying:
“It’s never too late to give up your prejudices”–Henry Thoreau, writer and naturalist.
The writer Is Aliru- Alier Mach Deng,

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