HOT IN JUBA and secret life of John Masura, the author of gossip magazine

By Majur Deng Nhial


Hot in Juba magazine describes itself as the “First Junubin all round celebrity gossips and entertainment news website” with John Masura who has been triple dipping as editor in chief– yes triple dipping. Last year the magazine hit media with most controversial identities and exposures of real life images of the characterized victims. Aheu Deng Kudum and Ataui Deng were examples of its show. The magazine accused Aheu Deng Kudum of securing a contract in the Ministry of Defense through having a close relationship with one of the inner-senior most top generals in South Sudan army in the its article entitled “How Former Model Aheu Deng was involved in Defense Ministry corruption scandal”. Aheu is the former model and daughter of the fallen hero Deng Kudum Thot. But, who is John Masura? Alier Mach Deng described John Masura as fictitious name, who has been incessantly masquerading as a journalist in his article entitled “THE REAL AHEU DENG KUDUM.” That was clever enough to say so. Masura is an Arabic slang that means “not reliable or deceptive-like. Masura is assumed to have been around culture of those who came from the north during the referendum in 2011 and pretty much familiar with Arabic words like Shamarat and more. Masura is too private person. Life in tunnel or underneath is his ultimate goal to reveal on others while at hideaway comfort.
Some exposures were entirely off limits, not only to the victims, readers, but presumably to almost everyone in the kinship. The victims remained without hope, demoralized, defeated, discouraged and depressed to the point where they are suicidal and giving up. When someone lives rightly, he or she has inner freedom. Adding to this is the constant bombardment of societal pressures of being a social stigma — without one’s dignity to simply maintain a cool reputation.
Bor Globe Network does have a duty to protect members of Bor Community who are being anonymously attacked by cyber criminals. The Network had conducted a study and came up with amazing results during its research. Hot in Juba was found on February 28, 2015 and will also expire on February 28, 2016. It was based in Scottsdale, Arizona until February 18, 2016 of this calendar month. On the same date, Hot in Juba had decided to switch its registry to Nairobi, Kenya using the P.O. Box address with the status “Updated Date: 18-feb-2016.” The Network withholds evidences from general public, but keeps them for record in case of any litigious process arises in future against Bor Globe.

PaanLuel Wël
PaanLuel Wël

Another surprising discovery was that PAANLUELWEL is based in Scottsdale, Arizona until February 18, 2016 of this calendar month. PAANLUELWEL is a wonderful news blog where good quality writers determine to discuss and examine their thoughts on matters relating to politics, economics, and social issues. Both organizations were private registrants under Domains by Proxy, LLC. The two organizations had manifested very strong correlations by sharing the same address, building number, telephone (XX0) XXX-XX9X, and fax (XX0) XXX –XXX8.
Bor Globe Network believes that necessary changes were made after several voices called last week to do more on pseudonym and possibly, somebody is on the run – literally on loose because the official website of Hot in Juba has been under lock-down drills ( ). Perhaps someone out there might have seen a yellow construction barricade. This is to caution the freaking visitors of danger ahead. Good enough, Bor Globe Network was a head of the game and every single minute detail of evidences and relationship between Hot in Juba and PAANLUELWEL was successfully saved before the two organizations attempted to cut ties with each other and destroy evidences of mutual relation.
To recap, Hot in Juba invaded Mach Nhiany’s Facebook profile in March, 2015 to publish a story; and the same story was concurrently published by PAANLUELWEL. Bor Globe is unable to verify whether PAANLUELWEL is a common name for a person/an editor or just a blog name. However, the recent “Updated Date: 18-feb-2016” was a huge mistake from the two organizations. This is because Mariak Bol Majok Adiang is a real person and he now legally owns Hot in Juba. Mach Nhiany and Aheu Deng Kudum stories and pictures are now deleted, but those stories were there last Monday. ( ). He is also the founder of Talk of Juba ( ). Question of interest, why did Hot in Juba magazine have an association with PAANLUELWEL news blog? Is PAANLUELWEL the same person and triple dipping? This is the question PAANLUELWEL must answer and defend itself!

Disclaimer: The Bor Globe Network does not endorse any physical confrontation or recommend malicious intent against the subjects of this report.

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