Greater Bor Community in the USA: General election update:


April 19, 2016: The office of the Greater Bor Community in the United States Board of Directors, aka GBC- USA BoD, is privileged and honored to take this opportunity to inform all members of the Greater Bor Community in the United States and the potential candidates about the abrupt changes pertaining to the GBC-USA election application deadline and their impacts on the forthcoming GBC-USA general election which is scheduled to take place on September 3 & 4, 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
The Office of the GBC-USA Board of directors or the Electoral Committee has received a request for the extension of election application deadline from Duk County chairman in the United States, Yol Goch Aciek, as well as two similar requests from other candidates to extend the deadline. To address these concerns and to ensure that all three counties of the GBC-USA are fully represented in the election process, the GBC-USA BoD held a meeting with the executive body and county leaders, mainly Bor County Development Association chairman, Akol Aguek Ngong and Twic East Community-USA chairman, Kuol Anyieth, in order to understand their perspectives on the issue.
Fortunately, all leaders (Board, Executives & Counties) are very concerned about the absence of Duk County in the GBC-USA election process and what this could mean for the union. Therefore, they advised and encouraged the board of directors to kindly grant the extension of election application deadline as requested by Duk County. All of the candidates could not obtain their letters of recommendations from Duk County.
Considering the magnitude of this issue, (the distribution of the MPs in Jonglei State), and the threat it poses to the unity of our people not only back home (South Sudan), but also here in the United States, we, the GBC- USA Board of directors have decided to extend the initial application deadline of March 31, 2016, to June 15,2015. By doing so, we believe that this will give Duk county-USA enough time to consult with their representatives back home (South Sudan), and find an amicable solution to the current problem of the MPs in Jonglei State. After June 15, 2016, the BoD (Electoral Committee) will begin the reviewing process and all candidates will be officially notified of their next step.
In the meantime, all campaign activities/rallies are suspended until further notice. For a record and accountability purposes, any candidate who will violate this call and continue to conduct public rallies or campaign events must be fined in the amount of $500. This amount will be incurred in sequence series up to the 3rd event or activity (total of $1500). After the third event, any violation could eventually leads to termination of the candidacy. Our goal is to conduct a fair, inclusive and prosperous election in September, 3 & 4, 2016. We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
Thank you all in advance for your cooperation, commitment and the services each and every one of you provided to this great community. Please, if you have any question or a concern, feel free to reach out to the following board members:


  1. Reuben G. Panchol (GBC-USA Board President)
  3. Maduk Manyang.   (GBC-USA Board Vice president)
  5. Nhial Bior Lang.   (GBC-USA Board secretary)
  7. Elizabeth Anok Kuch (GBC-USA Board Member)




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