Dr. Marial Benjamin Condescending message and People of Abyei

by Denggak Kur

2013-07-27t190523z_1_cbre96q1h1z00_rtroptp_2_sudan-fightingIn the middle of chaos, citizens are left confused and drained because of individuals’ interests. As we speak, the country is currently growing frustrated by the economy crisis that is moving at a fast pace. People are overwhelmed and they are increasingly worried about where this problem may end up. However, the schooled minds are creating more and more worrisome news than we can’t comprehend as a country in case of Marial and others. Even though I have been waiting to hear more about Abyei since Marial’s statement, but I have yet to hear anything.  So much of our focus has been on economy, peace, and security, but the Abyei issue continues to remain in the spotlight because of unknown sources and it bothers those of us who have known Abyei to be part of South Sudan all along. The aforementioned categories outweigh the issue of Abyei respectively right now.

Still, we must at least show respect and appreciation given what the people of Abyei are going through in the hands of the Sudanese government. However, there is often unexpected news that causes uncertainty in a country where little things have been known to cause a lot of trouble. Recently, the nation has been hit by horrible news out of the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Marial Benjamin, who have called members and the backbone of our struggle Sudanese from the north. We are aware that Abyei has viable politicians, particularly those who have incredibly contributed to our struggle, however, some of us are trying to figure out where Marial with his unfounded facts regarding Abyei.

As you all may know, Deng Alor is coming back to take the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, which I believe came to be because of what Dr. Marial Benjamin said. At the very least, I’m sure many of you are wondering what could have caused this controversy. As mentioned above, I have just realized Dr. Marial Benjamin is anticipated to step aside while Deng Alor is expected to become Minister of Foreign Affairs; therefore, we know exactly what his intentions were pertaining to the news broadcasted from his office. Basically, his strategies have been driven by moral failure so that he could spread the bad news in the office of Foreign Affairs.

There is something about our politicians that they are not good at constraining themselves and as a result spread bad news. It is likely that President Kiir will give Benjamin another position, but we the people have no trust in Dr. Marial Benjamin holding public office after he shredded people who contributed to our struggle. He may need to get a job with the Sudanese after trying to give up on the people of Abyei. I couldn’t believe he called Pieng Deng Majok Sudanese along with many other men from Abyei who have done so much for us. To them and to us all, the news denigrates us and is offensive to every South Sudanese. Yes, the office has been overwhelmingly criticized, but responding to the negative image does not necessarily mean accepting mistakes but rather ridding themselves of those causing the problems.

Marial is gone and so should be his entourage. We know the news was unfavorable since it seemed as if this was an attempt to falsely elevate the north Sudanese in Abyei. It feels as if someone from Sudan is involved working against us internally in the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. However, we are aware that Dr. Marial Benjamin have done his job exceedingly in terms of achievement over the course of our struggle, but this news made some of us wonder what got into the office former Minister of Foreign Affair for reporting unfriendly reports to the people of Abyei and to the South Sudanese people in general. This calling out of politicians as northern Sudanese has positively reinforced our curiosity of what could be the position of the President of Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit on Abyei. In lieu of this, it is not very convincing for anyone in office to inform the nation on what is going on with Abyei and Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We would like to know from the President how they decided to exclude the people of Abyei without the knowledge of the country at large and the President of South Sudan himself. We are outraged by the fugitives of the state who release unthinkable news without the President’s knowledge; therefore, they must be held accountable. Holding them accountable in future office opportunities for confusing the country at this trying time, is important to do. It is unfathomable that such news could have been circulated, and such the public would like this to be confronted head by the next government of national unity.  In such conditions, leaders are looked to for solutions; therefore, the country expects President Kiir to address the nation on this subject matter.  The biggest names during our struggles were indeed our liberators—my brothers from Abyei.

Now that the war is somehow over, those who are indulged with credits are the ones who are using ingratiating manners to gain these very credits they haven’t yet earned. Over the last couple months, I read a lot of garbage that people of Abyei are considered foreigners in South Sudan. At some point I thought people were done with their normal jokes, but it has been consistent on various online news networks, which has subjected people from Abyei to unrelenting public attention. Amidst this contradiction, many are very confused about what is really going on in South Sudan. Personally, I am writing this piece out of confusion, so help me understand what is happening in South Sudan. With limited information, I am prompted to go to the public to find out whether Dinka Ngok are really considered foreigners in South Sudan.

When we desperately need leaders and liberators, my brothers from Abyei were deployed to fight our enemy – the Sudanese government, however, afterwards, these very men who were known for their unwavering contribution and support to the cause of the South Sudanese people are now labeled as enemies. You have to be kidding me if you are distorting history by calling comrades Deng Alor Kuol, Pieng Deng Kuol, Dr. Luka Biong, and others our enemies. This is abandoning the very reasons why we fought by spreading something that is simply inaccurate to South Sudan. When we need them, we leaned against them for help in bitter days, but at the time of our happiness, these men are being driven away by those who have contributed even less to our struggle.

This article was written by Denggak Kur AKA Raanmangar. You can reach him at pananyangajak@gmail.com

One thought on “Dr. Marial Benjamin Condescending message and People of Abyei

  1. congratulation to the people of Abyei region of s.sudan.we are still standing beyond our brothers as dinka bhar el ghazal, dinka aliap and dinka bor and the people of south sudan the problem is that we need to solve the problem among us here as leaders of your country because we cannot save two masters at one.as you know that word is a suspon with fire under it.please don’t give up we are coming.

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