Conference (Bor County Development Association, Inc. Annual Conference) Memorial Weekend, Saturday, May 28 – Sunday, May 29, 2016 in City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dear Bor County members here in the States and the world over,

Following the tradition of our chosen Bor County annual gathering date and day of the week since 2011 and as enshrined in the Bor County Development Association, Inc. Bylaws that Memorial Weekend belongs to Bor County, the administration is hereby officially announcing the convening of Bor County Development Association Annual conference in the Great City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, over the memorial weekend, Saturday, May 28 – Sunday, May 29, 2016.
In that regard, we call upon our members and our leaders at various levels of Bor County to attend this first annual conference since this new administration took over in May, 2015 in order to be part of the formal unveiling of the new administration team and agendas for the next 4 years.
Given the enormity of challenges that our people now face back home in South Sudan and here in the United States, we expect all members to respect this day (enshrined in our constitution/bylaws) and steer clear from holding competing conferences concurrently with that of Bor County because doing so will inadvertently undermine the interest and progress of Bor County that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Unambiguously speaking, respecting our bylaws and unity of our community is a prerogative of every single member of Bor County here in the United States and adhering to this chosen American Holiday Weekend for Bor County Annual Conference and steering clear of competing with Bor County over this chosen weekend is the litmus test of our solemn obligation to the interest of our county and community. We once again appeal to our members to respect it!
In any case, the pending updates given below as pertain to this annual conference will be unveiled to you in the periods prior to the convening of the conference:

(1) The information team under Mr. Manyok Maluil Joh and Mr. David Arou Bior, and media relations team under Mr. Majur Deng Nhial, and Mr. Wal Chol Deng, will go on air via Raven Broadcast Radio, Ye Ngo Ba Loi Bor County Hour, 7 PM, Saturday to formally announce Bor County Annual Conference to our people here in the States and world over. They will be happy to answer questions pertaining to the annual conference;
(2) The operations team under Mr. Mawei Garang Deng, and Mr. Manyok Kuol Anyang, will unveil the planning of the conference based on their consultations with the leadership of Bor County in South Dakota on the logistical requirements of the conference from day one to the end;
(3) The youth and culture team under Mr. Thuom Aluong Mathiang, and Mr. Yuot Mach Thon, will follow with the details of the cultural festivities (especially the Bor Idol) and other entertainment details surrounding the fundraising event and all the issues and policies that govern entertainment during the conference;
(4)  And finally the General Secretariat under Mr. Matier Mayom Mayen, and Mr. Maker Manyang Makol, that will chair the conference will go on air as well to give our people the details of conference proceedings and expectations from all the attendees: leaders, members, and guests alike.

Ultimately, we take this opportunity to thank Bor County members in South Dakota under the leadership of Beny, Mr. Chairman, Lual Jol Arach (Lual Agutdau) for opening their doors to Bor County members around the United States to hold their annual conference under their auspices and in their community. We have nothing but sincere gratitude and appreciation for their generosity.
In closing, we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, May 28, 2016 in the Great City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota to deliberate on and put in place the action plans that are expected of us to make a difference in the lives of our vulnerable people back home in South Sudan and here in the United States.


Mr. Manyok Mauil Joh, Information Secretary
Mr. Majur Deng Nhial, Press Secretary
For Bor County Administration (USA)”

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