Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol

Condolences to Aweil Community on the Passing of Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol

Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol
Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol

On behalf of Bor County Diaspora (USA), we take this opportunity to give condolences to the family members and the entire Aweil Community on the passing of our statesman and legend Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol. Sadly enough, the death has once again deprived us of one of then few living icons and revolutionary African statesmen Uncle Lual Diing Wol, whose contributions and wise counsel to the leading members of then Politico-Military High Command of SPLM/A has led to the liberation and the founding of our new nation, Republic of South Sudan.

Uncle Lualdit’s list of accomplishments is endless and more so especially with his glaring presence and contributions toward the liberation struggle as epitomized in endless youtube and video clips standing side by side with the Chairman and SPLM/A founder Dr. John Garang rallying troops both in the boot camps and on front lines. What is less well known to all is the fact that Lualdit was one of the few members of then South Sudan Regional Assembly who ran unopposed on several occasions because his electorates believed in his leadership capabilities to represent them in Southern Sudan Regional Legislative Assembly. Uncle Lualdit served honorably together with our own Hon. Martin Majier Gai (Bor South, one of few MPs who also ran unopposed on several occasions), Hon. Ateng Alier Kuany (Bor Central), and Hon. Elijah Malok Aleng (Bor North). Uncle Lualdit’s passing is a loss to the entire nation as well as to the entire African continent. As a community, we stand in solidarity with Lualdit’s family, Aweil Community, and entire South Sudan during this moment of tremendous to our nation. We pray that Almighty God bless him and rest his soul in peace.


Akol Aguek Ngong, Chairman
CC: Matier Mayom Mayen, General Secretary
Manyok Maluil Joh, Information Secretary
Majur Deng Nhial, Bor Spokesman and Press Secretary
CC: Adim Malek, Chairman
Aweil Community Association (USA)

One thought on “Condolences to Aweil Community on the Passing of Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol

  1. “Condolences to Aweil Community on the Passing of Lt. Gen. Hon. Uncle Lual Diing Wol”

    Well said Bor community in the US. Uncle Lualdit was a great South Sudanese statesman and will remain so; Lualdit was the most humblest uncle of times; Lualdit used to put the interest of South Sudanese people liberation above everything else; he treated the young people, the women, his subordinates and his seniors with respect and dignity.

    Uncle Lualdit had never ever been imbued by the baggage of wanting to rule anyone, but the liberation of our people and our country. It is very sad we are now losing our truest uncles at these very critical times when we need them.

    My own poor self condolence to the family of Uncle Lual Diing Wol, Mading Aweil Community, the greater Bhar el Gazelles and the South Sudanese people at large. For we have lost our greatest uncle.

    Uncle Lualdit, R.I.P uncle. You will be dearly missed by your boys and girls and your South Sudan that you fought for gallantly all your life to liberate.

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