Bor Youth Association in Australia (BYAA) road map policy paper 2014-2015


New Direction

With recognition to our founding fathers, Bor community ethics, norms and prosperity that make it a peace loving community, will stay and new generations with resilient hearts will keep emerging. Therefore predicting the future is fraught with risk, but the greater risk is failing to plan for our destiny. As a community we face a choice: to drift into our future, or to actively shape it. That is why I took decision to run for the BYAA leadership for the term 2014-2015.

I took a clear and thoughtful decision that our community and particularly the youth-of-all- ages should actively plan for and shape our community future. Only by doing so, we can realise our vision of being a community of increased opportunity, prosperity and fairness.

In the Australia perspective where we live, young people below the age of 30 consists of 68% of the population, those between ages 16 and 30 consist of 26% of the total population base on our migration to Australia. This means that a quarter of the entire population is at a crucial stage that can determine not only their personal growth and development but the future of growth and development of Bor Community in general. I believe that young people are dynamic, they have energy, are highly mobile but most importantly they are creative and innovative.

I believe that young people, both young men and young women have a crucial role to play in social-cultural and econo-political development of their community therefore my leadership will give them open environment. Now we have to move together and try build Bor community bigger and better as a whole. Enough is enough,  we have been led down so many times, I am 30 years  old and some of you here are below or above that age limit but  the main thing is about a better future for us all. There are many reasons why BYAA needs to exist, most importantly we are a community, and our identity is maintained by this organisation. When we keep this organisation alive, our next generations will still follow this line then become full integrated in to the Australia way of live.

  • Apart from general activities of BYAA including the reason why it was established nine years ago, in due respect, my leadership will create social and recreation activities in which young people of all ages will be actively involved. Those activities will include the following; modelling barrack for both girls and boys age of 15 years above,
  • music and dance all ages but depend on music title and dancing style,
  • film making and storytelling,
  • Poetry, hosting birthday parties, in which all age are welcome and above all Bor traditional dance.

The objective of this is to advance our cultural and social values we all love so that we remain influential and resilient community for all time.

To accomplish this, the BYAA will build great partnership with various social network groups in Australia such as Interaction Program, Interfaith Global Multi-religious and Cultural Organisation (IGMCO) and ONRDU organisation. In due respect, all members of the BYAA as social welfare organisation during my leadership need to act in three key areas in order to succeed in advancing Bor community interests.

First, irrespective of how greater our strengths and weakness are in the past, the BYAA’s prosperity will come from building on our strengths. We need to reinforce the foundation of our fair society and our prosperous, open and resilient youth’s mobilisation policy. We need to build on areas where we already perform well, in order to extend our comparative advantage. Critical to this will be ongoing reform across the five pillars of organisation, the constitution, financial contributions, youth skills and education, and relations with the BYAA states office and Bor community.

Second, as an organisation we must do even more to developing the capabilities that will help Bor community succeed. Our greatest responsibility is to invest in our people through skills and education to drive Bor community productivity performance and ensure that all Bor young people can participate and contribute in development of the community. Capabilities that are particularly important for the present home Australia includes job-specific skills, excellence, adaptability and resilience. Using creativity and design-based thinking to solving complex problems is a distinctive BYAA strength that can help to meet the emerging challenges of this cultural shock among our young people. We also need to broaden and deepen our understanding of our young to become more interesting in their organisation activities, as they are future members, financial contributors and leaders of this organisation. Moreover these capabilities are needed to build stronger connections and partnerships among youths in different states in Australia. In my leadership I will make sure these are done!!

Third, Bor Youth financial success requires highly innovative, competitive talents Youth from various innovative arts, ranging from music industry, modelling, filming  with aim for institutions develop collaborative relationships with others communities in South Sudan and Australia society. To achieve this, BYAA needs people with clear and new mindsets to operate and connect it with others cultural groups with Dinka community, Nuer and other communities of South Sudanese living in Australia.  We will work to making sure the Bor community in general is more open and integrated, encouraging social events activities with other communities so that our organisation seize opportunities of different social–economic and cultural aspect of other communities

Kijana Majok Piel

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