Jacob Dhieu Mayol (photo: Facebook)

Bor Community – USA: Remembering Jacob Dhieu Mayol

Jacob Dhieu Mayol (photo: Facebook)
Jacob Dhieu Mayol (photo: Facebook)

“On the death of a friend, we should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfill the promise of our friend’s life also, in our own, to the world.” ― Henry David Thoreau.
On January 2, 2016; Bor Community lost one of her sons – Jacob Dhieu Mayol through unintended accident of gunshot that caused his life instantly.  Source very close to the victim told The Bor Globe Network that “it was unfortunate and pure accident because the victim’s friend was not familiar on how to operate a rifle.”  The two had been best friends and worked at Equity Bank Ltd in South Sudan, added the source.  The community mourns his death and prays for healing the grief while asking the two involved families to stay strong and forgive one another.  He hailed from Kapaat, a part of Makuach Payam.  Jacob Dhieu Mayol was the contributor to The Bor Globe Network and some of his last articles published on The Bor Globe Network are republished below.  Rest IN Peace!


 Life in the Wilderness

On 16 Dec 2013, I heard of fights in the Capital of South Sudan from my colleague Chol Wech, he told me of everything that conspired in Juba in the previous night. He said that the presidential guards divided themselves and fought based on their tribal lines, we did not work that day though we pledged to open later in the day. I tried to verify the news from my relatives and friends but their numbers could not go through because of poor network.
Gen. Salva Kiir appeared on SSTV in military uniform that day after I went to Canal Hotel, He talked of security situation in Juba calmed by his administration and said that what had just happened was an attempted coup by the former Vice President Riek Machar, he promised the citizens of South Sudan that, everything will return to normal and the people behind the atrocities will be brought to justice.
That day the situation in Bortown was calm but fears of horrible memories of 1991 Bor Massacre never faded in the minds of Bor community residents at large. I went to bed that evening praying that everything will be ok come the next day, on 17 Dec 2013 i was woken up by a Big Bang on my doorstep by a neighbor at 4:00 am in the morning, I was not shocked at all because I knew something would happen sooner or later, I rushed to put on my trouser since I’ve heard of stories of people who had escaped from the attack and run to the bush just to realize they were naked or in underwear.
When I opened my door I found people running and the neighbor told me that the Nuer attacked the military barrack of Panpandiar at 1:00 am, and added that they first run away at 1:00 am and later returned, I then analyzed the situation and decided to stay till morning because you don’t know what can happen in the dark, one perhaps could ran into other harms apart from what he was running away from.
In the morning I woke up early enough to see the attackers, when I reached the road, everyone was in rush to get connected to their beloved ones In case anything happens, that was exactly what I was doing, as I trekked for some distance fortunately i got a lift from a friend, the fuel was not enough in the bike so we headed towards the harbor of River Nile which was the only place gas was likely to be found because of the scarcity of fuel in the town following the attack in the previous night at the military base, Deng who was riding with me told me that Gatdet seized Panpandiar and that is why everyone is in panic since the barrack is near Bortown, one never know whether he can attack the civilians here in Bor.
First, I said to myself, could this be a repetition of history? I came home to see my mom, she was very worried about everything, it wasn’t hers alone in fact everyone was worried because there is nowhere to ran to since Bortown is located along the river, on Facebook it was the agenda, relatives and friends were calling every now and then, I felt relieved that afternoon because no sound of gunshot was being heard from Juba or in Bortown and the governor of the state had just arrived that morning so everything seemed under control, John Koang is from Nuer, I thought they would listen to him and stop any sketches of attacks, but no I thought wrong. Nuer had bigger picture than what John stands for, they don’t want mere governors, and they want the post of the president. That day Bortown commissioner Agot Alier wanted to talk to a group of Nuer in Chinuerben estate, without surprise his car was shot at by Nuer, but managed to escape. Thank God he did, he was lucky not unlucky like two brothers from Kongor and one person from Makuach Payam who were confirmed dead by the mayor Nhial Majak Nhial as a result of attack in the previous night in block 4 by Nuer.

Seconds dragged into minutes and minutes mutated into hours, it was at 5 pm that day when I realized the situation might not be good, my instinct told me to take some cash through the ATM, So I headed to the bank, unfortunately it wasn’t working, I asked our armed guard for the keys to the generator and surrendered them unconditionally, after I turned it on, it took less than five minutes to finish the transaction. When I was done, I turned it off and handed the keys to our guard Manyok. And cautioned him to flee should anything threaten his life, those were the last minute messages anyway. When I stepped out of the bank and took a walk for a minute, gunshots were everywhere like showers of rain and everyone was heading to River Nile, I kept my head down for safety, though I was confused I knew where I was going to, I could hear gunshots from that direction but I said to myself, i must go to church compound that is the place where my treasures belong, my mom an auntie!. I could not run away without them.
When I reached the compound, the velocity and sound of gunshots increased, after a couple of hour there was no sound of gunshots heard, I then logged on Facebook and updated my status, “there is no fight as we speak, we don’t know who is in control of the town ,fate awaits us.” and “tomorrow gonna be a better day”. Everyone was anxious about the whole thing. Those things happened on 18 Dec 2013, I wanted to close my eyes and take it for a dream, but no! Everything was happening before me and I had to face the truth, decisions deserted me and faith was a thing of the religion at that time. I decided to sleep in the church and never mind of what tomorrow holds for me, in the middle of the night I was woken up and told that everyone has left the church due to fear that Nuer would take vengeance on us since there are rumors that some of them were killed while seeking refuge in their church when the fight broke out in Juba.
It took me some time to wrap my brain around it and took a big decision of my life, I wanted to refuse to accept the facts but i later consent. Muscles begin to vibrate more and the brain was on its highest intellect. We decided to move out at 12:20 am on 19 Dec 2013 instead of being found in the morning by blood thirty Nuer, when we stepped out, my heart did not even jerk a bit because I knew no one was moving at night. I lead the crew to the River and moved along it as we move, my cousin Mabior Gai Deng called and wished me good luck. We trudged for 3 hours till we reached Areck, while on the way; we would get lost and later recover our route. When we reached Areck I tried to response to some comments on Facebook since we found a multitude of people who fled before us and were now taking rest before their big journeys. I told the crew to rest too. I did not have a wink after that because it was cold plus mosquitoes were giving us hell.
The morning seemed bright on the same date 19 and people were optimistic about the situation, while everyone was praying and hoping for the best, the unthinkable happened. The armed group which was later confirmed loyal to the former Vice President Riek Machar shot at the civilians, we did not wait for the bullets to reach where we were, I told the crew not to overreact and move slowly to prevent other harms from other feign sources, we walked in fear with other group of civilians, we again trudged to another safer place called Pagook in Buong boma, when we reached after 4 hours. We headed to “tooch” swampy area along River Nile. To reach a dry ground, you must first tramp through muddy waters, that was exactly what we did not hesitate to do. On the dehydrated grounds there stood some small bushes, we clear thorns under them and took rest. Food was history leave alone basic, the top agenda was drinking water, it was fetched using some crooked containers but after all who cares for the container, all that was important was the content.
We slept that day in the bushes and waited for news from Maraya FM radio next morning on 20 Dec 2013.the news bulletin mentioned that the Town of Bor was under Riek Machar forces adding that, the government army was dislodged from the city and an attack at the military base in Bentiu. It wasn’t a shock at all because we witnessed the attack, more rumors of hope and of despair flew in from different people, and I knew that there was a plan by the government to retake the town. Optimism is what I believe in and my favorite song as well. We would chat with Uncle Gai Deng Majak about our state of affairs, I learnt from him a lot, he would start from the beginning of Anyanya One, SPLM/A and everything that happened during the struggle until the present moment, he told me that, the life of a human being is like a moving waters, it goes up and down till death finds you on the way. He added that no condition is permanent hence I should not lose hope, his message was true and it made gain enthusiasm for the next day in the jungle, 21 Dec 2013 passed like any other beautiful day, it’s only that there were rumors of the rebel group moments towards where we had seek refuge. It became a serious threat to our lives, therefore, we moved deeper inside tooch to rest assured we were safe, at that time we got hooked up in the news, we found information as our new weapon to fight anxiety and rejuvenate our hope since it was the only asset we possessed. 22 Dec 2013 went without any word of hope from the SPLA spoke person Philip Aguer Panyang but within the new were the reports of forces loyal to Riek Machar being under full control of Bentiu.   After the tidings we felt discouraged and hopeless.
On 23 Dec 2013 we heard of news that, the SPLA army is on the way towards Bortown, Aguer verified the same and added that, “it is definite that SPLA will take control of Bortown anytime”. The jungle was becoming unbearable to everyone especially to toddlers who were delivered on the way. Lamentations were on everyone’s lips, we would blame Riek first and later return to Kiir for the problems we faced, the thorns that pierced through our feet, we would hear sounds of all kind, and hippopotamus could just be heard near our bushes at night plus hyena. We were far away from home therefore I became flexible enough to get acquainted to our new home. Pagook became enjoyable because of River Nile, I would swim, wash the only clothes I run away with and drink anytime I like.
As Christmas was approaching, it caught the civil population in Bortown bushes by surprise, besides who doesn’t get prepared for Christmas?. Though you’ve got prepared or not, bush was the only place fit to celebrate and commemorate the birth of Christ Jesus. Riek planned it that way for the citizens of Bor. to us Riek Machar was the definition of Lucifer.
In the evening we listened to news, Aguer Panyang announced that they had retaken Bor from the rebel group. we confirmed the same from Mading Ngor who reports for the BBC, we were glad to hear the news. To me it was a victorious sign of hope to return home and prepare to usher in a new year with resolutions, first. To forget what had just happened or take it for sweet dream of a beautiful nightmare. On 26 Dec 2013, I waited to hear from those who went to witness everything. They reported that the place wasn’t cleansed and that corpses were everywhere. We let that day pass and visited the next day, what was reported was true, there was also rampant looting which I saw going on in the market. That was 27 Dec 2013; we returned to the bushes and later resolved to return to the town because life was horrible in the jungle. There is no place like home! On 28 Dec 2013 I slept in my room comfortably and forced myself to believe that it would be my last time to go for exile again.
On the 29 Dec 2013, there was fear that the “white army” was on the way to retake Bor from the government forces. We were given too much pressure to leave the town for safety, and that was the time we hired a boat to Lake State in a place near the River Bank called Guolyar in Awerial county, We stayed there from 30 Dec 2013 to 10 Jan 2014 with a wildest dream of returning home should government forces retake Bor from the “white Army”. But all was in vain, we became hopeless and left. I’m now in Juba with my relatives. Life there wasn’t good but we lived it anyway.in this scenario I learned that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…………to be continued!


Why 28 Sates Are Good For South Sudan

The recent peace signed by The President and Dr Riek Machar is a total disaster if you look at it with a three dimension eyes, it encourages future rebellions from politically defeated individuals, since these fugitives are sure of their praises and prices when they turn against their fellow citizens, however, I don’t want to deny the fact that it has brought into light some significant proposed systems of governance which might bring lasting peace, prosperity, accountability, liberty and justice into our infant nation of South Sudan.
For peace to last, we have to recognize our geographical placements, these differences are based on past settlements, and however, it should not divide South Sudan because we fought for this nation with everything we had. Outsiders helped us to get through, let’s not give them permission to disintegrate us against ourselves, the house that is a foe to itself does not stand. The law passed by The President a day ago is a giant step towards establishing a lasting peaceful coexistence among the citizens of South Sudan, let’s not praise Kiir Mayardit for this because it was not his decision to divide the people, in fact he was citing with the group which interpreted this move as click of Button to tribal enmity, but again he woke up one morning like someone who smoked marijuana and had his third eye opened, surprisingly new eighteen States were born.
Now each state will be entitled to take care of its security, and it’s a law of nature that, if you want to live in peace with your neighbors don’t provoke them, that doesn’t mean states can wage war against one another, accepting that we can live separately but still together in one country called South Sudan is very paramount to our tranquility and national healing process, we are not only united by our historical struggle but by the cultures we share.
Oil money is not for the citizens of the State which has the drilling stations, they only get 2% for your information, for those who think this is about oil, National  wealth comes when citizens are free to settle anywhere in the country and seize opportunities without fear, the national government is tasked with development projects like connection of roads among the twenty eight states in South Sudan, provision of schools, hospitals and security, with these things in place one would say the government is now for the people.
Time has come for all South Sudanese to consent the fact that they are bound to stick together no matter what, besides who has the power to unwind and reverse the atrocities committed against one another, it would be a waste of time to blame each other now, nevertheless, let’s make it our priority to liaise together for accountability to take effect, we promised ourselves in our constitution to follow the rule of law of which every citizen fell heir when the country got separated in 2011, if the criminals who took advantage of the fragile situation during the crisis are not brought to book from both sides of the conflict then be sure of repetition of history.
Accountability should not be seen as setback to peace, if it’s done when the country is stable enough for the empowered judiciary to do its work without chaos, then the end results will be amazing, those who thought the current state of affairs would be forever will have rude awakening, I’m talking about the bullies who slaughtered their fellow citizens, the looters who robbed the country of its wealth instead of boosting the dying economy, fattening their Swiss Bank accounts was their ultimate goal. Power is not there to stay in the hands of few individuals anymore, once someone is stripped of those privileges, standing as a mere citizen in court cannot be ruled out, at that moment in time the citizens of this great country shall know that as long as one live you must pay for your mistakes. 28 state can help us do this together.
Though South Sudan got independence four years ago, many citizens are still not sure whether the whole country is liberated, because of rampant poverty and insecurity in many parts of South Sudan, this is because the scarce resources do not reach the people in the grassroots and the security personnel are only programmed to stick around towns instead of going down the villages to regulate law and order. Creation of 28 states is going to empower every community to manage its national portion of wealth and provide for its citizens security while the national government is going to take care of territorial integrity of the country.
For South Sudan to realize it’s target of the millennium development goals, the judiciary system must be unwaveringly strong, this mean no national income leakages, investors are not scared, media is true to its cause, even government can be sued….no entity is immune. Our sources of law shall come from all corners of 28 states, and I’m certain this country is going to have the strongest constitution in the region because of the tough rough road it’s traveled, we will continue to strengthen ourselves until in the words of Martin Luther King Jr “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


Jacob Dhieu Mayol

Student at Mount Kenya University

Pursuing Bachelor Of Commerce

Facebook: Jocop Dhieu Mayol

E-mail: jadhima2007@yahoo.com



Dr. John Garang was a revolutionary who opposed the venal political, economic and supremacy policy of marginalization imposed on his people by the Islamized government in Sudan, he formed a military wing SPLA and SPLM as a political apparatus to address the problems, when he was about to succeed. Dr. Riek Machar took another route shown to him by the west, within the moment he found his mission and vision. America saw SPLM as a threat to capitalism, so they trusted Dr. Riek because he came in the name of democracy.
“We will forgive Riek Machar but history will not forgive him, he will be remembered as a person who stubbed the moment at the back at the point of victory” said by Dr. John Garang Mabior in 1992 after the Nasir Faction was annihilated by the SPLA.
The point of discontent between Dr. Riek and Dr. Garang  emerged as a result of  dictatorship assumed in the movement by the chairperson, “we want SPLM party to be democratic” Dr. Riek said when he was asked by a journalist to air out the motive of his movement at Akobo county in 1991 after he the mass killing of civilians in Bor, the same year Dr John was subjected to an interview to explain why his movement is not democratic, and this what he said, “SPLM  cannot be democratic because it is a tool fighting for democracy, how can an instrument be democratic?”.
Dr. Riek Machar was being used by Dr. Lam Akol as tool to his bigger picture, Lam is from Shilluk which is minor compared to both Nuer and Dinka, therefore he visioned his plan to make the two personalities battle for leadership. He believed that when one from either side is killed the other ethnic group will go for the other’s neck, and when all the doctors are gone he would be the only learned son of the soil left to fight for the South Sudan independence courtesy of his doctorate.
After Riek was defeated with his prophet of doom Ngundeng and his evil brother Dr. Lam they then liaised with Khartoum government to bring an end to the mighty SPLA by signing illegitimate oil deals to fun their malicious projects but all of these ended up in frustration, The two Doctors opted to return home like prodigal sons. They were received with an open hand by Dr. John Garang since SPLM is an inclusive movement because it would save them from humiliation when the independence is achieved without them.
When two of them were absorbed into the SPLM they deactivated their feeble dreams for a while and always worn smiling faces, but beware once a mad-man always a mad-man. The two outlawed brothers began to dance differently politically, Dr. Lam was afraid of the government hence resorted to seeking asylum abroad while Dr. Riek took his installation into the heart of the government as an opportunity to win the votes of the citizen.
Dr. Riek had a plan to win the lost love back from the people; he wanted to be the president of South Sudan through his lullaby, which is “democracy”. He did not learn from his past, He insulted the intelligence of a city and nation by preaching one thing and practicing another. I envy his courage. Even though his political ambition was crippled in 1991 he still held on to become the President, first, he wanted to build schools, hospitals and business centers  across the country, He thought that by doing those things. Then the citizens of this country would forgive him and enthrone him, instead he preferred a coup, the ultimate shortcut to power. The law states that, kill your boss to become the boss, illuminate your deceased boss’ servants and install the loyal ones.
Dr. John Garang’s death is still a secret affair but we all know some glimpse of truth about it. The oil deal became a top agenda after the peace agreement was signed in 2005 many countries scrambled for at least a pinch of it. Superpower countries came on board. America was one of them and the rest were Russia and China among others, Dr. John Garang chose China instead of America which claimed to have struggled for the Comprehensive Peace Agreement process, however, I cannot put forth the evidence that America somehow planned or directly assaulted him on his way to New Side but I strongly believe it was the oil deal disputes which took him to the land of no return. All in all he died in the cause in which he was entirely engaged, a true martyr. That deal is still on and needed someone to be used; Dr. Riek Machar was fit to be the Big Doll here. This same Marionette was first instructed like a cyborg in 1991, programmed for destruction only.
There are questions evolving around Dr. Riek’s Democracy against autocracy! which election was done and his votes got ridged? If it is the constitution which dictates things, then it clearly states many political parties are encouraged without prejudice in the Republic Of South Sudan, and if at all there was no coup planned, why then did he declare himself responsible for the defected army? Dr. Riek Machar is the last hope for the western countries to rescue their economies from collapsing, when they heard about his rebellion, the West were the first to dance to his tune by denying the coup attempt and considered it as legitimate public discontent . Their interest in South Sudan is to exploit her natural resources by taking 70 percent of the oil revenue, because of our inferior technology we are not allowed to fully enjoy our God-given resources. Therefore, any regime which disapproves of that must be subjected to hell.
Gen. Salva Kiir, the legitimate president of South Sudan is facing inferno ignited by the west because he is following what Dr John Garang rejected, Dr Riek probably signed the treaty with devils,” give us the oil and we give you the crown.” It looks kind of a deal. The peace deal pushed by the IGAD is another dead end, why? The interim government without Kiir and Riek is a big joke, what happen to the rule of law and sovereignty of the nation? If that is how the Presidents will be stepping down in future just because one person rebel then no election will be done since IGAD is there to choose who can lead the nation.


Jacob Dhieu Mayol
Equity Bank Ltd staff
South Sudan
Contact: 0955477849
Email: jadhima2007@yahoo.com

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  1. “Having been slow to join the first civil war, the Nuer and Dinka Anyanya units of Upper Nile were among the most resistant to the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. It was initially opposed by Samuel Gai Tut, a senior Lou Nuer Anyanya commander, as well as by John Garang, a very junior Twic Dinka captain (Abel Alier 1990:138).” By Abel Alier Kuai from Dinka Bor or Bor County

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