Bor Community Association in Canada

Bor Community in Canada 2016 General Election Official Announcement of the two Candidates Wednesday, April 26th, 2016

Elections Organizing Team

Bor Community Association in Canada Official announcement of the two candidates running for the position of Chairmanship as follows:

Candidate Names Deputy District Position
Daniel Riak Mach Kur Aguto Yuang Makuach/Baidit Chairman
John Abuoi Manyang Abuoi Maluk Deng Jalle/Kolnyang Chairman

 Announcing the 2016 Bor Community General Election from July 1-2nd, 2016 in Canada

The Election’s Organizing Team for Bor Community Association in Canada hereby officially announces the two Candidates  to run for the Chairmanship of Bor  Community Association  from now until  July 1-2nd, 2016 election day in Canada

Elections Organizing Team

Bor Community Association in Canada has officially review and finally cleared off the two candidates who submitted their application forms for the position of Chairmanship in Canada  to carry on their elections activities  from now until July 1st– 2nd, 2o16

The Official Two Candidates are

John Abuoi ManyangCanada12 Daniel Riak Machcanad123

Congratulations to the two Candidates.  This official announcement is to inform  all members of Bor Community in Canada and globally that the two Candidates who submitted their applications for the position of Bor Community Association in Canada chairperson have been reviewed, and we are glad to inform you that both have met the candidacy application requirements as outlined in the election rules and guidelines.
As you receive this announcement, be informed that your candidacy for Bor community association in Canada chair is now official.  You are therefore free to dispense your time and resources in effort to win the trust and confidence of Bor community members in Canada.
As you embark on the heart-wrenching task of campaigning, it is important to remember that running a smooth and successful campaign is the biggest test of your leadership. We anticipate a civil and cordial campaign exercise with maximum restrain from both of you candidates and your campaign staff guided by mutual respect for the other team. In any event, we will expect you to respectfully reign in on any campaign irregularities that may arise from your team during the campaign.
Once again, we would like to register our votes of thanks for each and every one of you for your self-less decision to rise to the occasion and accept the higher call of serving our Bor Community in Canada. Throughout your election campaign, it is important to bear in mind that our community will look up to your leadership for new ideas for their united purpose.
Should you and/or your campaign team require any assistance from the organizing/election committee, please feel free to get in touch and we will assist in any way possible.
Best of luck to both of you on your campaign from now until July 1st-2nd, 2016 in Canada.

Kind regards,
Francis Chagai Bol
On behalf of Bor Community Association in Canada, Election Organizing Committee


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