John Abuoi Manyang, the presidential candidate for Bor community National Association in Canada

Bor community chairperson visionary campaign in Canada

May 2nd, 2015

John Abuoi Manyang, the presidential candidate for Bor community National Association in Canada
John Abuoi Manyang, the presidential candidate for Bor community National Association in Canada

Once it was verified that John Abuoi Manyang’s qualifications for the leadership of the Bor community were met beyond any doubt, he embarked on a campaign move as a candidate to lead the Bor community National Association in Canada. With him, our community is in good hands to improve. He formed a team delegate to reach out on the community campaign and proposed the community engage in social activities as well. Also, he has spoken of his vision to entrust the community with solutions to social challenges.  Therefore, this article highlights his plans and vision of community leadership, his current and long-term involvement in community services, as well as his enduring life background and educational achievements.
The message of this outstanding candidate is to improve our community with new leadership. “Our community is lacking sufficient engagement in both social and economic aspects,” Abuoi explained in the last teleconference meeting. He also added the important proposal of strengthening our stand together as an organized, unified, and co-operative society in his speech. The speech was the first of its kind since he gave up his position in the Bor Community Organizing Committee (BCOC).
The attendants of the meeting were left without any doubt that the candidate well underscored the strategies to enhance our community development in many ways. Our community’s need of dedicated, energetic and calm leadership to make informed decision was impressed throughout his speech. Besides grossing through the points of his campaign, John Abuoi has enacted the campaign team name as Bor Community Engagement Team (BET), which was unanimously agreed to by the attendants. Eventually, he ensured he is willing to award a number of positions to women and youths as a way to empower their participation in community affairs.
Commitment to implement his vision of improving our community has been a significant positive attribute that has been remarked by many who have worked closely with him throughout the years of community service. Abuoi Manyang aspires to manage a business which incorporates community development and project proposal, and as a result of his qualifications in business, he has the ability and trust to be the candidate in ideal position to lead our community. In order to achieve his vision in community service, Mr Manyang pursued his bachelor in economics from the University of Regina, and he is currently employed in managing enterprise.
Many people also admire his approach in critical issues facing our community. Abuoi Manyang has the right values, commitment and mission for all the members of Bor community. His pride for the community is the reason of accepting the nomination without hesitation. Other people describe him as embodying honest, trustworthy, confident, creative, friendly and social values. Moreover, Mr Manyang combined the past and present history of community services as listed in his manifesto including being the current chairperson of SPLM Chapter in Regina.
Manyang reached out to confirm the nomination of Abacha Maluk Deng as a running mate and deputy chairperson if he will be elected in July the 1st – 2nd, 2016. Like his top ticket candidate, Abacha Maluk is charismatic, friendly, and adaptable.  He is positive in matters regarding community organization and social development. He is sitting chairperson to the board of directors for the Bor community in Alberta.  Mr Maluk was also previously appointed as the general secretary to the Bor community organization committee. And also before he came to Canada, he was deputy and acting head teacher at Midnimo Annex primary school in Ifo, Kenya. There is no doubt as to his positive contribution to tackle community challenges and promote our interests.
Even though high educational background is not a requirement according to the BCOC, Mr Maluk is considered a highly intellectual member of this community. He graduated from University of Saskatchewan with major in Economics and minor in political science.  He got involved in societal diversification when he was doing his internship as an immigration advisor.  Moreover, Abacha is also a currently working professional electrician. He is a good choice the would-be-chairperson is proud of looking forward to working with him.
Since he was a young boy, Mr Manyang left in 1987 and did not return until after the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement.  However, regardless of war’s impact on keeping us apart from one another for a while, the candidate thought our community leaders shall have collective means of dealing with our local and global challenges. “The borders do not limit us from working together under the common name of the Bor community,” he claimed.
Achieving goals under pressure is not new to him. When he crossed the borders to Ethiopia and Kenya, he overcame many challenges involved with travelling and life away from home.  He is one of the people known as the lost boys of Sudan. In addition, Mr Manyang had an opportunity of working along many other community members of south Sudan. He is highly recommended for his commitment and positive attitude, and therefore he is the most qualified for community leadership. He understands the connection of social and economic importance to the community as the main entities to struggle against any challenges.
Our unified community requires a dedicated leader to inspire leadership in others.
As a candidate, Mr Manyang began with a proposal of Community engagement in social and economic activities among other points of his campaign. If the community has interactive members, the obstacles to success can be brought up to light and ways to resolve the challenges will be derived.  The young age people require advice to refrain from violence.  If the community is well organized, they will get a sense of belonging to this community in the long run. In addition, peaceful solution to insecurity will be explored to end communities’ conflict back home which is today the great setback to the success of all community members.
Vote for the right leader to our community national association team on the 1st-2nd of July, 2016. Our community values your vote to empower a visionary leader with pack of solutions to social challenges, plan to engage in unified social activities and respected leader with good social profile.  Abuoi Manyang, the candidate of choice to elect, is equipped with strong endurance life background. He is also the only candidate with long excellent community services not to mention high educational achievement. Vote wisely to support your community in a few days to come.

By Mach Anai Deng, Reach me at for any questions or comment.

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  1. Thanks Abuoi Manyang for your greatness acheivment and your encouragement to work hard to service your beloved community Bor.I hope you will have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you.Your inspiration and motivation to do it for the goodness of your community means a lot more than anything else you can do. I hope the community will appreciate your efforts and encourage to grant you the the job. I’m very proud of you bro. Yours bro.Abraham Lual theerbet

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