Bor Community Association in Canada

Bor Community Association in Canada

Official Invitation

To: Mr. Akol Aguek Ngong, Chairman of Bor Community, USA & Mr. Majok Piel Mayen, Chairman of Bor Youth Association, Australia.

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016













Dear Mr. Akol Aguek and Mr. Majok P. Mayen,

On behalf of Bor Community in Canada, the Organizing Committee is officially inviting you and other members of Bor Community in your respective countries to attend our general meeting that will take place from July 1-2, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
At this meeting, the Bor Community of Canada will conduct its first ever country-wide community leadership election. Your presence at this event is vital. It will function as a part of building the communal unity and solidarity that our people need at this time of many disasters facing them at home.
It is not only the community leadership election that we are going to present to the attendees and participants. We will also provide our proposals on issues related to security, investment in education, healthcare, and food security for our community back home. We hope that you and your team will join us at this event.

Thank you in advance.
Malith Kur

On behalf of Bor Community Organizing Committee, Canada
1-Matier Mayom Mayen, Secretary General
2-Mr. Manyok Mauil Joh, Information Secretary
3- Mr. Majur Deng Nhial, Press Secretary & spokesman
For Bor Community Administration (USA)

4- John Garang Kon, Secretary General
5- John Madol Ayuen, information secretary,
Bor Youth Association, Australia
6-Ayuen Makuei Deng, Raven Radio Moderator (USA)

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