Announcement of Jale Community meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear members,

Members of Jale Payam are kindly invited to attend an organizational meeting for the Jale Payam election in Grand Rapids, Michigan. on Sunday September 4, 2016. The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about the restructuring of our community’s leadership and to consider taking the first steps to establish how we can strive forward as a payam.   Our organization is designed to create a forum for our members to foster a sense of community in the area where they live; to communicate more effectively the needs of our people to the community leaders and officials; and to encourage each member to work together to keep our community an attractive and safe place to live.   We believe our members would be eligible to participate and have a voice in addressing issues that directly affect them and the community they belong to.
Please mark September 4, 2016 on your calendar and plan to attend during the Labor Day weekend.
Interested applicants for the position of chairperson are strongly encourage to submit their applications to the electoral committee at the earliest time possible.
Our friends of Jale Community are being informed to attend our long overdue gathering. We as members of this community here in North America, have been wondering of where about the Jale Payam in the faces of many miseries that had taken place here and back home. Since the formation our community association back 2006, there has been no known changes or meetings to the community at large. However, nine months ago, the acting chairman, with our three sectional leaders plus concerning members of Jale initiated serious searching discussions about what to do to have this community surfaces again. During those conversations, the group revisited the current office structures and found out that there are compelling reasons to either reactivate the present office or commence new election in order to restructure the leadership.
As a result, the current Chairman Mr. Ajak Alith Leek raised his case that he wanted to see new structures of the office in place; and that it is his sincere will to step aside. Therefore, our three sectional leaders with current Chairman had put together the group of 14 members of Jale to spearhead the new election process as electoral committee. As a community mandated team by our leaders, we are pleased to inform members of Greater Bor, Bor County, Duke County and Twice East County that you all are welcome to come in an observation of our election process alongside Greater Bor Election is due to be held in Michigan. on Sunday, September 4, 2016.

please contact any of these individuals for any question concerning this announcement;

  1. Solomon Aluong Mangok @ 502-310-4125
  2. Akech Manyork @616-2720164
  3. Majur Kuany @ 617-982-8533
    4.matiop Bior @ 717-330-5678
    5-Gai Ajak @336-430-4237


Jale  Payam-U.S.A Electoral Committee.

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