An Open Letter addressed to the President Sava Kiir Mayardit

Dear our President,

I want to say thank you for everything that you have done in our country to be where we are today. You had protected us from both enemies from within and external foes. I would like to request you to take few minutes out of your busy time and read my opinion letter.
Dear Mr. President you have seen the suffering and death of our people and displacement both Internal Displace persons( IDPs) and diaspora as well. You been working hard to bring peace, but the enemy of peace is trying all means to rejecting it. But the blood of our people who are left paralyzed, abused and even died will asked the Lord for their souls.
Mr. President you had made a GREAT CHOICE to invite the man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua to come to our land and pray for us and the country of South Sudan!!!. That was a huge call from God Himself. Please allow T.B. Joshua to pray for you and the nation. Let him prays for our peace, sickness, our land to have final peace such that our people can enjoy their freedom that God had given them to enjoy. I personally been to Synagogue Church of All nation(SCOAN) in Lagos in 2012 and God used T.B.Joshua to healed me and set me free from arthritis and my doctor surprised and I belief God is going to do His miracles through Him.

Dear Man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua,

Our people, country have been suffering for many years in pain. our fathers and mothers did not enjoy what it meant to have a freedom, their sons and daughters did not have a chance to grow up in their home, but scattered to all corners of the world as me as example residing in Canada. God has brought you for us in the right time. Let there be peace in South Sudan as we all longing for it. Peace resolution is our New Year 2016 Resolution!!!!!!!

Chol Kelei Deng.

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