The victim of abduction, Mabior Achiek Wal is tearfully reuniting with his family

A story of a child who survived an abduction under Murle criminals in Jonglei State, South Sudan

By Mac Paul Mathiang

The victim of abduction, Mabior Achiek Wal is tearfully reuniting with his  family
The victim of abduction, Mabior Achiek Wal is tearfully reuniting with his

It was like another afternoon on August 4, 2016, in Makol- Cuei village or Baidit Payam in Jonglei state in South Sudan, when Mabior Achiek Wal Ngong, went out for fishing with his cousin Deng Malith Magok and their friend. As they started fishing, the criminals from Murle tribe surrounded them and they were abducted at a gunpoint, while their friend ran away and told the community of Biong village of Makol-Cuei what had happened to the two boys. When the community of Biong village heard that children were abducted, the youths of the area were dispatched to rescue them. However, a mission to recuse them become unsuccessful and Mabior with his cousin went missing, and end up in Murleland.
While in Murle area, Mabior was taken to kum Area in Pibor, where he was sold to a family by his abductor who abducted him. In a few days later, there was a fighting between Murle themselves and the abductor who abducted him was shot during the fighting. As the fighting continued for days without a breakup. Mabior was ordered to join the fight with other young boys from Murle tribe. As he was on his way to join the fight, he told one of the boys that wanted to urinate and he gave the gun to the other boys. When he left behind, he escaped going backward slowly. The Murle boys continue walking thinking that he will follow them into the battlefield.
Though he gave the gun back to the Murle boys, he was left with a bottle of milk and a bottle of dry meat (ngecho). So he would drink milk and eat dry meat on his way back to Bor. Also, during his ordeal, when the nightfall, he marked down his direction by tying the grasses around the tree that he climbed up to spend the night on it till the day break again to start a next journey. He climbed up the trees to observe where he is and to make sure that he may see a physical structure that will give him a clear picture of where his exact location is. On the morning of August 29, 2016, he climbed the tree and he saw the aerial network in Baidit and he recognized. Now, he knew that he was too close to Biong village where he was abducted. He started walking toward the south of Baidit till he reached to Wutic Pabeu de Biong and then to Makol_cuei village. Finally, he met his family and he collapsed when he saw them as he hugged his youngest brother.
As we are celebrating a return of this brave young child. Let us also, thanks our God Almighty who have protected him under his abductors while finding his way back home to freedom again. It is very hard to find such a strong child who is full of determination and will to survive. The children like Mabior are exemplified by hard work and future leadership. A good example of such children can be found in people like Jacob Alith Gai, who went through such situation before but he became a great leader and a medical professional. He is now serving the lives of many people today around Dalla, TX and Mabior can be another Jacob Alith Gai, if he is given right tools of survival. Mabior was born in 2002 and he went up to 3rd grade in primary school.  It is not too late for him to join the school again if we put resources that will push him to a better life rather than leaving him on the mercy of the Murle thugs. It is with a hope that Mabior will be a great leader and a great man among his peer group given the fact that, how he managed to survive the abduction and found his way back to his home without GPS.
In close, we are very grateful to our almighty God for a safe return of Mabior Achiek Wal Ngong. Now, it is our duty as people of the Bor, Twic East, Nyarweng and Hol to help him with education that may stimuli a post trauma, and anxiety that he may be experiencing. In addition, Mabior carried another trauma as his stepmother was killed by Murl criminals in 2013 at the same place he was abducted on August 4, 2016. His father also, passed away last year and these incidents are believed to be too much to bear. Therefore, let us join our hands and support him by generating “go fund me online.”

If you are not able to fund him through online account, then contact me, or any of these members –  Nhial Kon Chaw or Peter Magai Bul.

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