A bully, doubled-concubine deserves not to lead, warns, Ajah Atong

By Deng Thon, Perth, Australia,

Ajah Atong, a self-identified single mother wanted Kijana Ali Piel to be held to account for his reckless mouthing on single mothers, boasting around with a faulty education and hurling insults on the so-called lost-boys. I, at this end do nod in an approval. Kijana must go.
An insider told me Kijana Ali Piel was impeached by Bor Youth Victoria when he allowed himself be manipulated by the previous Bor Mayor Nhial Majak when the later was opting to vie for federal Bor youth leadership in Australia. Ali Piel got into some secretive dodgy dealings with Nhial and when the two got caught out, Kijana was ousted straightway. What was done to Ali in 2008-9 has to be done again to him for he now lost legitimacy. He has been misbehaving quite lately attacking innocent women and everybody else. He mocked those who attempted to advise him to re-evaluate his childish approaches and he bragged that he is overqualified. What then is the point of maintaining such a rogue leader?
For the record, this was how Majok came to the power. There had been persisting confusion created by the Sydney Bor youth and this did polarise Bor youth in Australia something that discouraged prospective and promising leaders. This was the situation realised by Majok and successfully exploited. He took the leadership unopposed. Now that he is back to his nasty and juvenile talk; Bor youth needs to impeach him for the second time. He had been abusing single mothers with impunity and for that, he needs to be forced out of the community’s office. Majok’s credibility and integrity are severely damaged and so he is no longer fit to lead the community. If this isn’t solved, it then puts the community in a very difficult position to the outside world. Bor is a respected community both at home and in diaspora, it needs competent and a reverential gentleman or gentlewoman to steer it.
Regarding his flawed studies, yeah, Ajah Atong excellently rebuked him. Majok isn’t the only educated in his clan or subsection. There are several brilliants boys from the clan he comes from who are highly educated and I mean their education is consistent with how they reason and interact. What is this racket Majok makes? You can’t have these several papers and be writing like a primary school pupil. It is an insult to the higher institution and particularly Deakin University if I am asked to hand down my judgment. Ali thinks he is a political pundit but he isn’t. Majok’s convoluted writings negate the above simplistic proposition that he has several papers.
The claimed credentials that aren’t translated into reasoning and proficient writing remain a myth and so is Majok’s education. There is a great discrepancy with papers he claimed and how he communicated his thoughts to the outside world. That he had been to the school of thoughts, I suppose in the school of thoughts, thoughts are put down in writing. And not just superficial writing, it has to be coherent and a substantive writing. A student who falls below this category is then not considered to be a candidate at a higher institution.
Judging from the writing this dickhead has, he is an outright embarrassment. In actual sense, Majok qualifies for Victoria University because this is the university that graduated mass of students who can barely communicate or efficiently write. I hold Deakin University to the highest regard because of the following gentlemen who made who I am today. Deakin graduated Ustaz Solomon Kur Anyang, Ustaz Butrus Ajak Deng, Ustaz Abraham Garang Kuol and my family Dr. Doctor Alex Twong.
Solomon Kur taught me in Zone four before I moved to Zone one at Kakuma Refugee camp where I met Ustaz Butrus Ajak who taught me in class seven and class eight respectively. These are brilliant teachers who I still remember and respect to this day. The intellect and great that I did mention is still seen and felt now at Deakin University.
As a result of excellent performance, Ustaz Butrus impressed school of health for his academic excellence and he was asked to speak on behalf of graduates during his graduation. And not only that, he was furthermore made to promote the entire Deakin University. I think he is the right person to brag but no one hears him in the way Majok isn’t giving public a break. Dr. Alex is another fine graduate of Deakin University in the school of medicine and he has been my family doctor in Perth before he moves to Melbourne.
Bottom line is, Ali ought to be given a vote of no confidence before his term ends. He brought humiliation to the entire community and he needs to be humiliated too. Wish I was active Bor member I would have led a real coup against him. Trashing those he exploited and left, especially, the two girls I am told he made single. For these, he must be made to bear harsh consequences. Bad stuff happens when good people like the ones I mentioned above stay and do nothing. Bor Youth needs to rise up especially my teachers I mentioned up there plus my Perth comrades such as Akuot Achiek, Makeer Kuol, Ayuel Mading and Ayuen Achiek. These men are great leaders and they are just keeping quiet, this is sad because crooks take leadership and shame the entire community.

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  1. This website should not be used as an attack place for airing all our laundries. Let us be respectful to the public website. Yes it is owned by Bor community but not Bor community alone who read it. If you got a major issue take it to the community leaders to solve it.

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